Jeff McBride talks about virtual magic show ‘MagicQuest’

Jeff McBride. Photo by Richard Faverty, Beckett Studios.

Jeff McBride, the “Grandmaster of Magic,” spoke with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about his latest virtual creation “Jeff McBride—MagicQuest,” premiering May 7.

McBride has used his time wisely during the pandemic where he has created something distinct. His latest creation, “Jeff McBride – MagicQuest” uses the Zoom platform to deliver truly interactive magic and storytelling over the internet.

“This show is the story of my life in 70 minutes,” McBride said. “It’s full of surprises, interactive magic, and the quest will surprise you because I think everyone has been on a quest for magic in their life. This is my journey from a magician’s perspective.

“There are a number of hardships along the way and how I go through them and there are gifts along the way, and I share them with the audience. For people who come to the show, they will be introduced to the art of magic,” he added.

After months of development with her team, McBride combined her magical performance with the tale of her lifelong quest to uncover the secrets of real magic. With magic questhe invites the public into his home – his “House of Mystery” – for a unique experience that is both show and tour – and even includes a special VIP afterparty.

McBride also shared that he takes his hat off to the late but great Eugene Burger on his virtual show.

His illustrious career in magic and entertainment spans over four decades. Her new show is made up of her incredible magic, as well as tales of her travels, revelations, and constant search for magic.

Jeff McBride – Magic Quest opens its virtual doors to the public on Friday, May 7 at 7:00 p.m. PST, on the Zoom platform. It will consist of a total of eight performances that will run for two weeks, ending on May 16.

“Zoom’s interactivity makes this show, magic quest, unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” he said. “Plus the fact that this is a true tour of the school of magic and mystery. This is the first time that I have been able to show all my curiosities and all the treasures that I have collected during my travels around the world.

“Now you can come and immerse yourself in this magical environment and be introduced to this world of magic, also participate in it and come out a little more enlightened than when you entered it,” he added.

McBride is joined by Tobias Beckwith, his executive producer and director. Beckwith is his longtime manager and producer who has worked with him since the late 80s. They are joined by technical producer Scott Steelfyre. “Tobias even makes an appearance on the show,” McBride hinted.

Plus, magic luminaries Max Maven and David Copperfield lent their expertise and guidance to the creation of this show. “Max Maven and David Copperfield helped a lot on this show,” he said. “We have received very high level contributions from some of the great storytelling magicians of our time.”

With his school of magic and mystery, he has been broadcasting for 11 years. “We opened up our magic school to the global magic community, and we held lessons in magic on Zoom and how to connect with the public,” he said. “Our school has thrived even during the pandemic because magic is a very powerful form of interaction on Zoom.”

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “This is called ‘Full Circle’.” “Ironically enough, my very first shows were performing for my friends and family in my living room,” he said. “My passion for magic took me all over the world for 50 years. Now I’ve come full circle and am back in my living room doing magic for my friends and family.

“At this stage of my life, I am a sage, a teacher and a guide to help others step onto the stage and shine in the light. I am very happy to be able to share my life experience by teaching others”, he added.

For McBride, success is measured by the success of his students. “Success is when I hire a student America’s Got Talent or when my students win America’s Got Talentor see my students on stage on masters of illusion on TV or to watch my students cheat Penn & Teller. Seeing my students succeed in performing for their family and friends and doing the kind of magic they love. The fruit of the teacher is the student,” he said.

To learn more about “Grandmaster of Magic” Jeff McBride and his virtual magic show, check out his official website.

Brian L. Hartfield