Lamb of God Drummer Impress Trivium’s Matt Heafy With Magic Tricks

Art Cruz might just be the next David Blaine. Watch Lamb of God drummer impress Trivium’s Matt Heafy with magic tricks as they dine at the restaurant.

Cruz tells Heafy to take a card and look at it, and asks “Is that a heart? Is that a five?” which it is. Heafy is absolutely blown away and says, “How the hell? What the fuck?” smiling.

Then, the five of hearts is placed back in the middle of the deck of cards and Cruz shuffles it, asking you to look carefully. He flips the card on top of the deck to show a seven of diamonds, puts it back in the middle of the deck face down, and has Heafy pinch the corner. Cruz says, “If you pinch the corner, he changes as soon as he touches it” and once Heafy pinches the card, Cruz flips it over and reveals his original card – the five of hearts.

The whole table falls silent as everyone stares at Cruz and the camera in awe – but that’s not where the magic trick ends. He continues shuffling the cards and tells Heafy to smash the five of hearts, which ends up in Cruz’s mouth. They all start laughing and Heafy says once more, “What the fuck? Art Cruz baby!”.

This wasn’t the only card trick Cruz wowed the singer/guitarist of Trivium with, he also placed a king of spades and a king of clubs in his hand and changed the cards to two aces of diamonds. If Lamb of God needs to kill some time during one of their shows, they should definitely have Cruz do some magic tricks between songs.

All the band members seem to be having a blast together on the “Metal Tour of the Year” featuring Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium and In Flames. Their social media videos show Cruz and Heafy wrestle withHeafy playing a shamisen in the bathroom, Dave Mustaine sneaking through the stalls and handing picks to a child and the groups eating lots of delicious food together.

Watch Lamb of God Drummer Impress Trivium’s Matt Heafy With Dinner Magic Tricks

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