NEWS WATCH: It’s kind of magic with the MILLIONAIRE MAGICIANS Kickstarter!

Millionaire Wizards Kickstarter

Steve Cohen is known as The Millionaires’ Magician, famous for his long-running show, Chamber Magic, and private performances held around the world; as well as his numerous television appearances. For his latest spin, Cohen is teaming up with Creation.Ink for an exclusive limited-edition hardcover of his graphic novel “The Millionaires’ Magician,” now live on Kickstarter. The graphic novel is by the all-star team of Keith Champagne (writer), Peter Krause (art) and Jordie Bellaire (color), working in concert with Steve Cohen to create a truly magical experience. “The Millionaires’ Magician” stars Cohen himself and is based on the life and career of Steve, weaving fact and fiction into a dizzying story of illusion and crime, life and death, tragedy and redemption. The deluxe edition of The Millionaires’ Magician will be presented as a lavish 128-page hardcover. The graphic novel is already finished, so printing and fulfillment will be expedited.

“This comic combines sleight of hand with serious sleight of hand,“, said Steve Cohen, the real millionaire magician. “Working with top comic book artists, I’ve created a dark origin story that explains how a simple magician – me – ended up performing in royal palaces, five-star hotels, super yachts and private islands. In this comprehensive graphic novel, you’ll find cunning martial arts performed by a master of surprise to take down an international criminal organization. Only a magician could be so far ahead of his conniving billionaire enemy. Or can he? The The fact that I am alive to tell my story should answer this question and open up many new ones.

The Kickstarter campaign, which runs through August 20, has a funding goal of $11,500. Reward tiers in addition to the hardcover graphic novel include a digital edition, a signature series, a limited version of a single comic, deluxe playing cards, original sketches, an exclusive paperback square, rare tickets to one of Cohen’s performances in Manhattan, and more. An ambitious goal of $15,000 unlocks a magical new story of Champagne and artist Neil Edwards.

NEWS WATCH: It’s kind of magic with the MILLIONAIRE MAGICIANS Kickstarter!

Author: Carlos Morales

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