Sentosa has walking trails, magic tricks and interactive puzzles, Jio The Fam For Island Adventures

Sentosa celebrates its Golden Jubilee with brand new attractions

Besides sandy beaches and thrilling rides, there’s now an exciting new reason to visit Sentosa.

A course, mixing real magic tricks and mysterious puzzles, promises you a thrilling adventure on the island.

As part of its Golden Jubilee, Sentosa is hosting the SentoSights event, among other activities.

Here’s a look at how you can make the most of your trip around the famous island destination of Singapore.

First tour with storytelling steeped in magic

In our youth, seeing magicians perform on TV shows or at big events was always fascinating. Now we can bring this childlike wonder to life through a magical tour exploring the lesser-known sights of Sentosa.

Mr. Bottle describes how Reflections Condominium was modeled after a historical artifact, Long Ya Men

The guide, Mr Bottle, makes learning fun for all ages by incorporating magic tricks into his immersive storytelling.

You can also travel back in time and speak to Lt. John himself at Fort Siloso, who will teach you everything you need to know about this iconic landmark.

Interactive video takes you on a journey through WWII to communicate with Lt. John

While exploring our historic facilities and monuments, you can also win attractive prizes by playing mini-games with your family and friends along the way.

Collect dinosaur badges by completing puzzle hunts

The adventure becomes more interactive with the Fort Siloso puzzle hunt, which tests both your mind and your body.

The Fort Siloso Puzzle Hunt Booklet

In order to solve a mystery, you will have to explore the facilities of Fort Siloso, search for clues and find the answers to riddles.

Put your family’s problem-solving skills to the test to collect 6 postcards that will lead to an adorable badge featuring their dinosaur mascot, Pepper.

The badge hunt will take you to different locations in Singapore including Fort Siloso, Chinatown and Little India.

Try all 8 puzzle hunts and you could earn the location-exclusive badges, each with a unique Pepper variant.

Organized in collaboration with Monster Day Tours, the hunts will give you the opportunity to learn more about Singapore’s heritage while participating in exciting games.

Join a sunset cruise and cruise around the islands

Once you’ve worn yourself out with all the land activities, set your sights on the sea for a sunset cruise that takes you on a journey around Sentosa.

Photo courtesy of Sentosa Development Corporation

Throughout the trip, you can live the high life enjoying a meal on a luxury yacht while learning about sustainable fishing.

After dark, the calm of the sea will accompany you on the overnight cruise to the marina.

Away from Sentosa, you can stop at St John’s Island, one of the few places untouched by a fictional “new pandemic” dubbed “Green Death-29.”

Playing as the daughter of a researcher who supposedly found a cure, you’ll have to race against time to recover the missing pages from your parents’ diary to solve the mystery.

Photo courtesy of Sentosa Development Corporation

If successful, you can walk away as a Hollywood-style hero who saved the world from chaos.

Get closer to nature on a nighttime rainforest trail

Tired of always looking for clues? Instead, the Rainforest Trail invites you to look among the trees for local Sentosa birdlife.

Photo courtesy of Sentosa Development Corporation

A pair of binoculars and a road map will be your best friends on the trip as you try to identify the different birds you see.

Photo courtesy of Sentosa Development Corporation

Adrenaline junkies looking for a bigger thrill can glimpse Sentosa’s “wild” side on the nighttime trail, as they light a torch to find creatures lurking in the dark.

Photo courtesy of Sentosa Development Corporation

This nocturnal activity is sure to appeal to curious people who want to learn how to identify common amphibians.

Photo courtesy of Sentosa Development Corporation

Besides the above events, you can also find the following events at the Sentosa Golden Jubilee:

  • Immersive rainforest trails
  • Sentosa Intertidal Exploration
  • Serapong Trail
  • A Taste of Time Travel: Exploring 1870s Fort Serapong
  • By Beyond Expeditions

As you will need to book a slot in advance for some activities, you should visit their website here to know more.

Explore the hidden gems of Sentosa with your friends and family

Whether you’re looking for plans to spend your long stay in CNY or the upcoming weekends, it’s worth taking a trip to Sentosa.

At the end of the day, your family or your best friends would certainly appreciate spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of the malls that everyone has visited too often.

jio for an island adventure they won’t soon forget.

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Image courtesy of Sentosa Development Corporation.

Brian L. Hartfield