The magicians’ “Hall of Magic” open to the public

Anyone who watched magicians on Syfy and wanted to be able to cast spells and do magic as if the characters on the show could get a chance. As fans prepare for the Season 2 premiere on January 25, they might consider visiting New York for an immersive experience in the Hall of Magic, an event taking place at the William Vale Retail Center in Brooklyn that is completely free. and open to the public.

The interactive experience, taking place the last week of January, will transport guests through a gallery of sensory exploration and illusion, playing with the magical possibilities of mind control, levitation and spell casting. . Several rooms will be set up with different entertaining activities that visitors can participate in to recreate the experience of watching magicians or maybe even be a Brakesbill student themselves.

The Magicians Season 2: What to expect by denofgeek

As they move from room to room, visitors to the Hall of Magic will be able to take photos of themselves levitating in various poses in front of spectacular vignettes, channel their inner magician by casting their own spells, explore an apothecary of remedies and potions from another world that will amaze and perhaps confuse their expectations, or glimpse a night sky in which they will see their reflection in the constellations above.

There will even be a classroom like Brakebills where visitors can use the power of the mind to move objects and books to play music, as well as discover magical surprises. Syfy invites those interested in the event to follow on Twitter with @MagiciansSyfy using the hashtags #TheMagicians and #HallofMagic.

Brian L. Hartfield