The Magicians Season 4: The Silent Fascism of the Library

When magicians season 4 begins on January 23, 2019, she will return to a world grateful to have found the magic and terrified to have it taken away again. According to showrunner John McNamara, this atmosphere of fear is the perfect breeding ground for the fascist regime, and the Library, and Mageina Tovah’s Zelda in particular, are more than happy to play the role of the benevolent yet controlling protector of magic.

McNamara spoke to us from the set in Vancouver about how this new world order has crept in magicians fans and on the characters themselves. “Germany was not built overnight in the 1920s and 1930s. France did not fall under fascist rule overnight,” he reminded us. “It’s always a series of very small choices. And what I kinda like about this season is that it doesn’t start with armed guards storming in and taking over the library… It’s kind of a childish version of fascism.

Instead, there is meaning in magicians Season 4, this strong rule is necessary to protect magic users from themselves. “What you see are people at the Library, who I think are very good people, but they see the fact that they don’t have control as the problem, rather than the problem is that there’s always going to be chaos, and that’s how you deal with chaos,” McNamara explained. “They want to eliminate chaos, so they have very good intentions in a way. And I’m not saying that the Nazis had good intentions or that Stalin had good intentions, but I believe it happens in gradual stages.

The library definitely has a significant enemy to fight in the form of the entity that inhabits Eliot’s body, but their avaricious administrative vision seems to have lost sight of it, almost becoming evil themselves in their denial. “We wanted to keep the morality – not ambiguous because obviously there’s good and bad,” McNamara told us. “But…sometimes you do something bad to fight something bad.” And then you have to ask yourself, ‘Well, am I bad now?’ It’s an interesting theme that runs throughout the season. But The Library is definitely a growing fascist virus.

Brian L. Hartfield