The Magicians Season 5 and the danger of too much magic

As we unpack the emotional, mental and personal ramifications of Quentin’s death and actor Jason Ralph’s exit – and the accompanying flood of praise, criticism and negativity – in Part Two of our preview with Magicians producers, the pacing of the story has a big practical impact on the magic in the show’s universe going forward, setting up the doomsday scenario for Season 5. The show’s co-creator and executive producer, Sera Gamble first teased the fantasy element of the upcoming season when we spoke to her at San Diego Comic Con in July.

“We knew Season 5 would be the season of too much magic, and we would explore what would happen when there were surges,” Gamble said moments before the release. Magicians sign. “What happens when you learn to deal with something so powerful and dangerous, and it’s pushed to you too quickly?”

When we continued with Gamble on a sunny November afternoon inside the Magicians‘ The writer’s room in Los Angeles, she contemplated the anxieties of moving the narrative forward after taking a leap that the show can’t go back.

“The fear is always that the plot and the stakes will get so big and so high, that the intimate moments between characters will be lost because you wouldn’t have time to do it if a shark was about to eat you. neither does the face,” Gamble told us. during the roundtable interview with a group of journalists. “We wanted to make room for the show to do what fantasy shows do, because part of the deal with Magicians is that we follow this pattern very consciously. But we wanted to make sure we did our ‘apocalii’, because there’s more than one.

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Losing Quentin saved the magic. It saved Eliot. His friends believed that these actions would restore order to their universe, but it only complicated their lives and filled them with grief. Now, as Dean Fogg says in the trailer, “there’s too much fucking magic.” But which dark cloud is looming exactly? Gamble explained the overall threat the show’s protagonists will face in Season 5, and told us that Julia is about to find a way forward.

Brian L. Hartfield