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Image credit: Emma Mead

As Broadway stages prepare to reopen in September, magicians teammates Jason Ralph and Trevor Einhorn focused their attention and support on the off-Broadway community. The Looks Like A Great Time co-founders will present the first off-Broadway original play since theaters closed, The big filter, starting tonight, July 1st. “We felt very lucky to be able to say, ‘Hey, do you want to create a play? and just being able to do something like that, so it really took us a long time to find the right organization that we thought would be the best thing that fit what we were trying to do,” Trevor explained in a post. EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. The duo chose to donate all proceeds to the Cultural Solidarity Fund, which provides relief micro-grants to artists and cultural workers hardest hit by the pandemic.

“As much of a focus is on the Broadway community, and I think there should be, it’s the juggernaut of our industry, I think we have a responsibility and an opportunity to really shine a light on Off- Broadway too. And to really recognize that we can’t have Broadway without off-Broadway,” Jason added.

Jason Ralph and Trevor Einhorn in costume for “The Great Filter”. (Emma Mead)

The play, written and directed by the couple’s friend, Frank Winters, will follow Trevor and Jason as two astronauts who return to Earth. “We’ve come to a pretty cool existential thriller place,” Trevor said of the one-act play. “It’s the two of us who really fight in a way that I think we were finding out towards the end of magicians — there was this weird relationship that we had and how much we loved working together and finding this weird dynamic,” Jason continued.

The production, which will take place at The Wild Project from July 1-3, is also set to have a paid virtual performance on July 29 via Eventive. In addition to Trevor and Jason’s Looks Like A Great Time, the play will be produced by Rachel Brosnahan‘s Scrap Paper Pictures and the non-profit organization NY Forever.

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