“The Reunion of Magicians”! Jason Ralph and Trevor Einhorn team up for Theater Aid (VIDEO)

They may be far from Fillory, but magicians‘ Jason Ralph and Trevor Einhorn always use their powers for good. And if you know how much we love those two, you know how nice it was to reunite with the guys and see that they still appreciated all the fans back in the days of Brakebills.

Last month, the actors – who became quick friends when starring on the Syfy series as doomed hero Quentin Coldwater and stoner boss Josh Hoberman – produced and starred in a new play called The big filter which was presented live for only three nights (July 1 to July 3) and sold out at every show.

Starting Thursday, July 29, however, a paid virtual presentation of Filtered East now availableall proceeds from ticket sales being donated to the Cultural Solidarity Fund, which provides relief micro-grants to artists and cultural workers affected by the pandemic.

The project is a partnership between Scrap Paper Pictures, the production company created by Ralph’s wife, Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Looks like a good timethe brand, lifestyle and media company founded last year by Ralph and Einhorn, and NY Forever, a nonprofit dedicated to New York’s post-Covid recovery.

In the play written by Frank Winters, described as “a one-act existential thriller,” Ralph and Einhorn star as two astronauts stranded before they can return to Earth. Things go from monotonous to menacing when ground control goes silent, save for some unsettling Morse code communication. Without spoiling it further, let’s just say things at home may actually be worse than when Q killed Ember and disabled magic.

For more information on The big filterincluding how to purchase tickets for the streaming presentation, Click here.

Brian L. Hartfield