The Wizards Characters Ranked Least to Most Likely to Survive a Horror Movie

The Syfy Series magicians has a habit of putting his cast of characters in danger. They battle the Beast at school, secure their thrones in a mythical realm, and even face off against ancient gods and monsters. They may run into some of the same horror themes, but the series is never in horror movie territory. If so, who lived to see the end of the story might be a little different.

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While the characters fit perfectly into many horror movie tropes, some of them are more three-dimensional than classic slasher movies would have allowed. Josh is not just the party animal but the underdog; Margo is not only a mean girl, but also a fiercely loyal leader. It creates more intriguing paths in a horror movie.

ten Marina Andrieski (The Mean Girl)

Marina at the magicians

The original leader of the Hedge Witches, Marina would translate as a mean girl in a classic slasher movie. She knows what she wants and she pursues it, but she does so by intimidating those around her and sometimes stealing a few items along the way. Marina is one of the most compelling characters on the show because she’s willing to do just about anything for herself. she’s just not exactly one of the heroines of magicians.

Her selfish tendencies make her someone a stereotypical masked killer would target at the start of a horror movie. She may not be the first person to die, but Marina certainly wouldn’t make it past the first two acts.

9 Fen (the comic relief)

Initially, Fen was largely comic relief. The naive daughter of a knifemaker who ended up marrying Eliot in Fillory, Fen didn’t always understand exactly what was going on, but she grew tremendously through her friendships with Eliot, Margo, and Josh.

Audiences would certainly get to see their experience of the same development in a horror movie. Just as she began to learn more about the ways of the world, however, the killer would likely reach her. Fen, accomplished with blades, would put up a pretty good fight though.


8 Quentin Coldwater (The Hero Who Knows Too Much)

Quentin in The Magicians

Quentin is introduced as the hero of the story, which is why some fans might be surprised that he’s a sure victim of a masked killer. Quentin is a lot like the character in modern slasher movies who knows he’s in a slasher movie. He is the expert, the one who can predict what will happen, but who is not always listened to by his friends.

Quentin is also always the person who wants to do something, even if he’s not quite sure what his plan should be. It would put him in the killer’s crosshairs as much as his acquaintances would.

seven William “Penny” Adiyodi (The Innocent Victim)

Penny in Wizards

Penny is the first of the main characters to die on the show, and it’s the result of a piece of magic gone awry. Something similar would definitely happen to him in the events of a horror movie.

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Just as he and his friends hatched a plan to stop the killer, Penny would fall victim to a mistake in the plan. Penny would end up dead due to a mistake in the plan, and the killer might get to her before her friends were able to fully achieve their goal.

6 Josh Hoberman (The Party Boy)

Josh in the magicians

Josh is the party animal of the group. If bad things happen, he’s ready to find a way to cheer everyone up. Josh also tends to get left out of group decisions often, so it’s entirely possible that his friends won’t notice his disappearance right away.

However, Josh also happens to be half of one of magicians‘ better relations with Margo. Margo would absolutely notice Josh’s sudden disappearance while a killer was on the loose. Josh’s disappearance would be what would cause Margo to take the killer more seriously and likely motivate her to find out who it was.

5 Alice Quinn (The Stranger)

Alice in the magicians

While Alice is by far the smartest main character in magicians together, it is also the one that most often finds itself ostracized. Initially, she doesn’t get along with either Margo or Eliot, and Quentin feels like she betrays him several times in the story. Alice also rarely interacts with Kady, Julia, or Penny.

In the horror version of magicians, Alice would probably be the loner in the story. She might even be suspected of being the killer at one point by the close-knit group of friends. In reality, however, Alice would likely be the one to find out who the killer was before anyone else – which would get her killed.

4 Margo Hanson (selfless heroine)

High King Margo in The Magicians

Margo has one of the most fascinating journeys in magicians. She goes from a seemingly stereotypical mean girl with a close friend to a true leader, willing to sacrifice her own happiness, and even her own life, to do what’s best for everyone. Because of this, she has to go through most of a horror movie.

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Audiences need to see Margo become the person she was meant to be. That doesn’t necessarily mean she lives to see the end credits, but she might live long enough to be the heroine of a sequel. Otherwise, she lives long enough to sacrifice herself so her best friend can live.

3 Eliot Waugh (The popular child)

Eliot in The Magicians

Like Margo, Eliot makes the whole trip on the show. He’s one of the popular kids throwing parties at Brakebills, but once he befriends Quentin, he finds himself embroiled in life-changing quests. Despite seeing him grow over the course of the series, Eliot doesn’t get the best Magicians ending, or the most closing, but it could have that in a horror version of its story.

That’s because Eliot isn’t exactly the kind of person who just moves on when he’s been wronged. He wallows in his memories, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. If he watched one of his friends die at the hands of a masked killer, he might have a few drinks and avoid his trauma at first, but he’d also arm up and fight. Eliot would absolutely survive the initial chapter to appear in at least one sequel.

2 Kady Orloff-Diaz (The Rebel)

Kady in the magicians

Like Alice, Kady can be a bit of an outsider. She’s kind of like the girl on the wrong side of the tracks in a teen drama. Kady is a hedge witch, but unlike Marina, she manages to get into Brakebills as a student and rob the school. Kady is cunning and very survivable.

She’ll do anything to distract an enemy, whether it’s participating in a heist or performing a slapstick act. Kady is also a fierce fighter, who doesn’t want to let anyone stop her from doing what she wants to do. She’d go through the events of a horror movie out of sheer force of will, and because she’d willingly team up with, let alone bond with, the last girl in magicians.

1 Julia Wicker (The Last Girl)

Julia Wicker in The Magicians

If a person in magicians lives the events of a slasher movie or an entire horror trilogy, that’s Julia. Julia is the strange woman in magicians. She’s the one with aptitude for magic that turns away from Brakebills and ends up being the key to stopping the bad guys in multiple timelines. Quentin might think of himself as the chosen one on the hero’s journey, but in reality, it’s Julia.

Julia goes through untold horrors on her journey to bring magic back into her life. She comes out the other side and struggles with the effects of these horrors. The same would be true in a slasher movie. She wouldn’t come out of the first film unscathed; she would become someone who always prepares for the worst but hopes for the best, and someone her friends can rely on at any time when they tell her they suspect a killer is on the loose.

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