10 Most Powerful DC Wizards Scarlet Witch Could Beat

Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering powers make her a god on Earth, and her magical skills have grown exponentially over the years. A longtime Avenger, she’s worked more on the magical side of things since leaving the team, teaching at Doctor Strange’s magic academy and helping the mutants of Krakoa create a way to resurrect anyone. who. She is a formidable and talented witch.

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DC’s Wizards are some of the most powerful in comics, as skilled and powerful as they come. However, Scarlet Witch’s sheer power would allow her to defeat some of the most skilled masters of magic.

ten Circe has an experience advantage, but Scarlet Witch’s greater power would win the day

For millennia, Circe tormented the Greek Isles with her magical prowess, eventually coming to blows with Wonder Woman. She is among the most talented magicians on the planet, having studied magic for thousands of years. Circe’s association with the witch goddess Hecate makes her incredibly powerful, but Scarlet Witch’s reality power would steal the victory.

Circe is Scarlet Witch’s superior in magic skills and cunning. However, Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering power will be far too much for Circe to handle. Circe’s magic is awesome, but Scarlet Witch can literally change the world.

9 Arion Helped Codify Magic But He Couldn’t Resist The Scarlet Witch

Arion is the most powerful wizard in Atlantean history, helping to codify magic for future generations. Protector of the continent before it sank, it faced unimaginable threats a hundred millennia before the present and returned many times over the years. Arion is as powerful as he can be, but Scarlet Witch would defeat him.

Arion is a powerful and cunning magician, so he has a very good chance against Scarlet Witch. He helped create magic as it would be known, so he knows tricks no one else knows. However, Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering power would give her what she needs to beat him.

8 Tim Hunter’s youth would work against him

One day, Tim Hunter will become the most powerful magic user of all time. His path can take him down two roads: on one, he destroys the world of magic and becomes an evil monster; on another, he’s the greatest magical hero of all time. Tim’s power is undeniable, but he’s still learning – which is why Scarlet Witch would defeat him.

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It’s hard to say who is more powerful between Tim Hunter and Scarlet Witch, even with his reality-altering power. However, Scarlet Witch knows magic better than Tim, which will make all the difference. However, that will be a different story once Tim reaches the peak of his power.

seven Tempest’s power pales in comparison to the Scarlet Witch

The Teen Titans alumni are some of the best heroes out there. Few members have grown as much as Tempest has. The ancient Aqualad mastered Atlantean magic and became the magical defender of the sunken city. Beyond that, he has the physical prowess of an Atlantean, making him a threat on more than one level. As tough as it is, Scarlet Witch has her number.

Tempest’s magic is excellent but Scarlet Witch’s is greater. If he was able to get close, Tempest might be able to knock him out with a punch, but that would never happen. Scarlet Witch is much more powerful, more adept with magic, and her reality-altering powers give her an unbeatable edge.

6 The Enchantress would give the Scarlet Witch a challenge but she would still lose

Enchantress is an extremely dangerous magic user. June Moon is a sweet young woman but her Enchantress side is as powerful as it gets. Having recently joined Superman’s Authority, she is finally able to reconcile both sides of her personality, making her more fearsome than ever. Enchantress is tough, but Scarlet Witch is an enemy unlike anything she’s ever faced.

There was a time when Enchantress would have wiped the floor with Scarlet Witch, even with the latter’s reality-altering powers. With June more in control, Enchantress isn’t as vicious as before, giving Scarlet Witch the opportunity she needs to defeat her opponent.

5 The New Dr. Fate Doesn’t Have The Experience To Defeat Scarlet Witch

Dr. Fate is one of the most powerful magic users on Earth, regardless of who wears the Helmet of Fate. The newest Dr. Fate is Khalid Nassour, a young man who was trained by the original Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) and the powerful wizards of the Justice League Dark. Khalid has the power of Nabu on his side, but Scarlet Witch will bring him down.

Dr. Fate is another example of someone who would one day be able to defeat the Scarlet Witch. He’s still learning, and his relationship with Nabu is yet to be fully established – two factors that would give the Scarlet Witch a significant advantage.

4 John Constantine Couldn’t Match The Scarlet Witch’s Power

John Constantine is the most astute magic user on the planet. He is certainly powerful, but he wins most of his battles because he can think of immortal demons. He gained knowledge in several disciplines of magic and faced some of the most powerful magical beings of all time. Unfortunately for him, Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering power would be too much for him.

Constantine could definitely beat Scarlet Witch in a magic contest; he is as gifted as can be in the magical community. However, Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering ability will prove too much to overcome. Constantine faced serious threats, but her skills and power, the Scarlet Witch, would prevail.

3 Eclipso would fall before the power of the Scarlet Witch

The Justice League has faced many dangerous threats, and Eclipso has defied them like few others. The former Angel of God’s Wrath, he’s not as powerful as he once was, but he’s still incredibly powerful. His ability to control others is one of his strongest skills, but even without it, he’s on par with most. Scarlet Witch would be challenged by Eclipso, but her power would carry her through.

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Eclipso’s power would certainly be difficult for Scarlet Witch to handle, but once she got her bearings and knew what she was dealing with, it wouldn’t take long for her to win. Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering powers would remain unmatched even by Eclipso.

2 Scarlet Witch has more than a chance against Zatanna

Zatanna is the most accomplished magic using superhero in the DC Universe. Her time with the Justice League and her status as the founder of the Justice League Dark pitted her against the greatest threats in the multiverse. Zatanna is just as formidable on her own as she is with a team. She and Scarlet Witch would have an epic showdown, but Scarlet Witch can win.

Scarlet Witch and Zatanna make for an interesting match as both have a chance to win this fight. In fact, it’s not really a situation where one always beats the other. The first fight would go to Scarlet Witch, however, as her reality-altering powers are too formidable. After that, Zatanna would definitely find a way to defeat the Scarlet Witch in any other fight.

1 The Scarlet Witch is more powerful than Mordru and would defeat him

Mordru is a Chaos Lord, giving him a terrifying magical ability. It’s been around for millennia and is more than powerful enough to take down the strongest members of the Justice Society and defeat the Legion of Super-Heroes in the far future. Mordru has the power and skill to challenge any magic user, but Scarlet Witch has the power to kill him.

Mordru’s status as a Chaos Lord means he can usually defeat any foe he faces, but that’s not the case with Scarlet Witch. His magical skill is far superior to his own, but his reality-altering powers will provide the perfect opportunity to defeat him.

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