10 Movie & TV Magicians Who Could Easily Beat Voldemort

In Harry Potter, Voldemort is so terrifying that even his name is cursed. There’s no denying that in the wizarding world, Voldemort is the strongest, and it took a hyper-specific prophecy to bring him down for good. However, other than that, Voldemort struggles to keep up.

Many movie and TV magicians could defeat the Dark Lord with barely a sweat. Whether it’s through superior intelligence and cunning or simply sheer brute power, the next trick of these magicians is to make the noseless mass murderer disappear.

Alex Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place)

Selena Gomez as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place

Despite all the Harry Potter hype, it has to be said that he’s actually not that impressive of a wizard outside of Defense Against the Dark Arts. He has a rudimentary understanding of other branches of magic and often relies on others to supplement magic he is not capable of. Alex Russo does not have these limits.


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Wizards in his universe have a unique and powerful magical system. They are able to cast any spell they can think of, as long as it rhymes. Whether it’s as simple as baking a cake or resetting all of reality, Alex Russo has done all of that and more. A good old rhyme of “With this reality-distorting sword I slay the Dark Lord” and the fight is over.

John Constantine (Constantine)

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Finale John Constantine says goodbye to Zari

Constantine is far from a magic powerhouse at first sight. The disheveled coat and unshaven face are more reminiscent of a drunken detective than a supernatural mastermind. However, this assumption is what makes Constantine a winner time and time again.

There’s no doubt that Voldemort could kill Constantine with Avada Kedavra if allowed. However, he would never have had his chance. Constantine’s preparation and improvisation are matched only by Batman. He has a spell for almost every situation. Even better, he knows how to convince someone to get killed. Something Harry did himself during his final showdown with the Dark Lord.

Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)

Gandalf the Gray holding his staff in Lord of the Rings

The wise wizard Gandalf is often confused with Dumbledore. Dumbledore happens to be the only wizard Voldemort has ever feared. Truth be told, Voldemort has far more valid reasons to fear Gandalf than Dumbledore. Gandalf is not just a man, but a Maiar, which are essentially the equivalent of angels in Tolkien’s world.

Not only that, Gandalf is capable of feats of sorcery that could easily repel the Dark Lord. Fighting the Balrog for three days and two nights makes everything else seem like a walk in the park. Once Voldemort stands up, Gandalf is likely to laugh at this supposed “Dark Lord” before shooting him down.

Queen Bavmorda (willow)

Willow Queen Bavmorda

Queen Bavmorda is just as arrogant as Voldemort himself. Both were prodigies from an early age and eventually turned on their teachers with malicious vengeance. However, Voldemort never quite succeeded in taking over his world. Queen Bavmorda succeeded, and much more effectively.

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She single-handedly froze entire armies. She reshaped landscapes with her mind. By domination, she compels people to do her will. The most impressive and iconic of her feats, she turns people into animals with just a thought. Voldemort can’t do much when he’s turned into You Know Who.

Merlin (Merlin)

magic eyes of merlin

The BBC Merlin The show focuses on the adventures of a young Merlin, long before he became the wizened wizard who would go on to mentor King Arthur. Merlin is one of the most recognizable wizards in all of history, and for good reason. With this reputation also comes great power.

Merlin, even at his young age, is powerful. He is able to slow time, shake the earth with his spirit, summon storms on sunny days, and shapeshift inanimate objects to aid him in battle. He did things that Dumbledore took years to master. Voldemort pales in comparison to the original wizard.

Samantha (bewitched)

Bewitched Samantha Elizabeth Montgomery

In Delighted, Samantha is far from being a simple lover. For anyone who’s ever wondered what would happen if Wanda Maximoff got to live a happy life, this is the show they should watch.

Being a comedy show, there’s really no need to establish “power levels”. The magic is as powerful as it needs to be for the hilarity to happen. Timestop alone puts Samantha leagues above Voldemort. She could also teleport him to the middle of a volcano with barely a thought. It’s both terrifying and funny to think about.

Jeannie (I dream of Jeannie)

I still dream of Jeannie

Jeannie is the titular genius of the series and, like most of her spiritual counterparts, possesses phenomenal cosmic powers. Contrary to Aladdin, this genie is not limited by one bottle or three wishes. At the start of the show, Tony, her master, pretty much immediately frees her so he can live a normal life.

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Fortunately (or unfortunately), Jeannie’s first wish as a free genius is to tease and ruin Tony’s normal life. She is incredibly long-lived and is able to warp reality to her whims. When faced with Voldemort, she’d likely snap her fingers to get him to leave.

Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)

Julie Andrews Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins’ love for children is probably the only thing greater than her impressive magical talent. However, with her mysterious powers, no one would want to see Mary Poppins go crazy.

If Voldemort had been present in the London version of Mary Poppins, he would have left in the third verse of its first song. She is able to move people to different dimensions, multiply, and transfigure smoke into solid constructs. Besides, with her no-nonsense attitude, she wouldn’t put up with Voldemort’s evil for very long.

Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Dark Willow casting a spell in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Willow Rosenberg was first introduced as a computer nerd who helped Buffy on her supernatural hunting missions. As the show progressed, it was revealed that she was capable of sorcery. This gave Willow access to incredibly powerful spells.

She casually sends a troll to another dimension, opens portals to the past, obliterates tanks with a single blow, and even reconstitutes herself after being both lobotomized and maimed. With her intelligence too, there’s no doubt she wouldn’t let Voldemort get the better of her.

Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange)

Image from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The Sorcerer Supreme is a universe above the small pond of London’s wizarding community. Although Voldemort may call himself the Dark Lord, Doctor Strange actually saw the Dark Lord, Dormammu, face to face, and defeated him through attrition. The Eye of Agamotto alone trivializes any combat.

Even without that, the feats Strange has shown are far superior to anything Voldemort has done. Creating copies of himself, sending people to the mirror dimension, creating matter out of thin air, and summoning eldritch creatures are far more impressive than a creepy green light.

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