5 Rising Magicians To Follow On Social Media

Do you find that scrolling through your social media feeds leaves you depressed and anxious? The best antidote to this is to fill your feed with creators who will amaze and amaze you!

Magic tricks are a surefire way to beat the blues and put some sparkle back into your stream, and there are some rising stars that will really leave you scratching your head wondering how they did it!

These are just a few of the magicians that are starting to make a splash.

David Fong

Based in New York, David Feng is a talented magician and mentalist.

His career began when he was in his third year of college and was forced to take a year off following knee surgery. He began to learn magic and quickly fell in love with it.

These days, he can often be seen performing at high profile events at the Four Seasons, performing for all sorts of audiences from rock stars to inmates. He’s given two Ted Talks and his audience loves his control.

David is one of many talented magicians on instagram.

Matthew Knight

Mathew hails from the UK, where he grew up watching veteran magicians like Paul Daniels.

He fell in love with real magic in the early 2000s, watching David Blaine and trying to imitate him for his friends.

He has been a magician for a long time and audiences love his warm, friendly approach and modern take on magic.

You can watch Mathew on Youtube, and even book him for your own event via live network.

Justin Wilmann

Nicknamed Justin Credible, you might recognize Justin Wilman from his performance in Sleight of Mouth on Comedy Central, or maybe you know him from Cupcake Wars!

He is also the star and creator of the Netflix series Magic For Humans, which is definitely worth watching.

He specializes in classic magic, but with a stage presence that’s both hilarious and captivating, he’s sure to lift your mood on one of those trashy Mondays.

You can follow Justin on Instagram.

Dan White

Dan is a magician worth watching.

Not only did he study with the real David Copperfield, he is a regular on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! It has also been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Vanity Fair.

He was previously a creative consultant for Kanye West, but now spends his time creating and performing amazing tricks that leave audiences trying to figure out how they were possible.

You’ll love watching his smooth performance, he’s tall, dark and handsome, and utterly flirtatious.

Derek Hughes

Comedian and magician Derek Hughes is an absolute joy to behold.

His Instagram feed is perfect for budding magicians as it’s full of details on how he creates and performs tricks on his most important critics, his two children.

Of course, you won’t see any of the tricks on camera, but you’ll see plenty of behind-the-scenes details that will give you a clear insight into the life of a magician.

Brian L. Hartfield