5 things to do this weekend including a magic show and a night of meditation

After the switch to summer time on Sunday, we could all catch up on some rest. Although we lost an hour of sleep, we are getting closer to spring, which will hopefully bring better weather. Currently the temperatures are unpredictable, so I’ve selected a mix of events for this weekend that are in-person and virtual – as we never know which days will be perfect for a walk and which days are better spent outdoors. interior. From a glass gallery to a night full of magic and illusions, I’ve got plenty to choose from for you, whatever the weather.

On view until April 10

Organized by the Boston LGBTQIA+ Artist Alliance (BLAA), alongside curator Hogan Seidel, Fountain Street Gallery rotated works by various artists in the designated area known as “The Sidewalk Gallery”. The gallery houses short, silent works on two 50-inch screens. In this exhibition, trans artists dive deep into exploring the different concepts that come with learning about experimental cinema. All works are a reflection of the trans body and a representation of identity. This week’s featured moving image artist is Malic Amalya, whose work spans 16mm film, 35mm slides, and video centered around musings on queercore and prison abolition. This event is perfect for a day that could be quite pleasant to wander around, as the exhibit is on display 24/7 through the window.

A still from Malic Amalya’s animated image “RUN!” (2020). (Courtesy of Fountain Street Gallery)

Until April 11

After 100 years, The Conjuror’s Club – a secret magic society – has decided to create its first event of its kind, in partnership with the American Repertory Theatre. Four magicians will bring a night of magic tricks and illusions to your home. To make it a unique and truly immersive experience, ART will send secret packages containing items to use during the show. Magic is a change from the events I usually tune into, so it’s a chance for a new and fun experience to boot! But they have one condition: you keep all the secrets you learn to yourself.

Vinny DePonto performs in "The conjurers club" in the American Repertory Theatre.  (Courtesy of ART)
Vinny DePonto performs in “The Conjurors’ Club” at the American Repertory Theater. (Courtesy of ART)

Thursday March 18

Founded in 1807, Boston Athenaeum is one of the most renowned libraries in the country. Guided by docent Clive Martin, this virtual tour takes you through the historic library building and its rich collections, which contain a wealth of information about local Boston and New England history. Who said you had to travel when you could learn all about your city and its fascinating history from the comfort of your own home?

Thursday March 18

Being home for so long has prompted some people to develop new forms of self-care and the practice of mindfulness is one of those forms. The Science Museum is hosting a special event with Maïté Paillet, the founder of the Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement. This is the perfect opportunity to check in as you are guided through a meditation inspired by the calming waters. This event is open to new participants in the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Saturday March 20

Run by Parent Tours, this driving tour is entirely for parents and will make it much easier for babies who might become too fussy on a walking tour. Parent Tours also offers other Greater Boston tours that explore the city’s art, graffiti, and surrealism. On this tour, you’ll be guided around Dedham’s must-see historic spots as well as the town’s hidden gems with public art dotted around. All you need is your GPS, a charger and a cell phone so you can tune in and listen at each stop. This tour is just as interactive as a walking tour, including the chance to ask questions and share your thoughts. Prior registration is required.

Brian L. Hartfield