A magician accuses the Swan Theater of prejudice against magicians

AN ANGRY magician has accused the Swan Theater of being biased towards magical acts.

Alex Crawford, originally from Bromsgrove but now based in Worcester, is a magician and children’s entertainer who performs at holiday parks, pubs and other venues across the UK.

But he claims he was told the Swan Theater would not book his show due to “lack of interest and profit”.

A spokesperson for Worcester Theatres, which runs the Swan Theatre, said it had no prejudice against magic acts but poor sales have forced the cancellation of other magic shows.

Mr Crawford said: “It’s as if the theater is prejudiced against magicians and acts of magic. In the last three years I’ve been at Worcester, I’ve never seen any acts of magic in the theatre.

“I tried to book a slot to perform at the Swan Theater and was told that the magic acts are not profitable enough and there is no free time until May 2023.

“The Swan isn’t exactly the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve worked all over the country and I know how big a crowd magic can be, we see magicians performing all the time on shows like Britain’s Got Talent .

“The situation just made me so angry.”

Alex Crawford.

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A spokesperson for Worcester Theaters said: “Worcester Theaters has no prejudice against magicians or magical acts, as an organization we have programmed professional performers in the past including Geoffrey Durham and very recently productions such as Brace of Spades in May 2020, but unfortunately due to very poor sales production did not take place.

“Therefore, when Mr. Crawford contacted the theater regarding the scheduling of his show, we declined.

“We regularly turn down many professional performance tours because the genre isn’t popular with our audience, that doesn’t mean we’re prejudiced against it.

“We’re offered hundreds of shows a month, many wonderful productions ranging from circus performances to orchestral concerts and everything in between, but that doesn’t mean there’s an audience for everyone in our venues.

“Mr Crawford was offered the option of renting the Swan Theater and it was explained that if he wished to proceed with a booking, the date would be after May 2023 due to the venue’s heavy schedule.

“We are always incredibly polite and professional in all of our dealings with professional and amateur artists and it is unfortunate that he chose to respond in this way.”

Brian L. Hartfield