Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘The Wizards of Mazda’ to be published by HarperCollins

Publishing giant HarperCollins India announced on Thursday (April 21st) the acquisition of best-selling author Ashwin Sanghi’s highly anticipated new book titled “The Magicians of Mazda” in the “Bharat Series”.

HarperCollins India will release “The Magicians of Mazda” on May 21 this year, followed by the other previously released titles in the series in June and July 2022. It should be noted that Sanghi’s previous six titles in “Bharat Series” have been released by Westland Books, which was shut down by Amazon India on February 1.

“I am delighted that my Bharat series, including the previous six titles as well as my latest, The Magicians of Mazda, has found a new home in HarperCollins India. Ananth Padmanabhan, Udayan Mitra and Swati Daftuar are fantastic people to work with and I am grateful to them for doing everything possible to get this book to my readers in record time,” Sanghi said in an official statement released by HarperCollins.

Additionally, HarperCollins India CEO Ananth Padmanabhan said, “I am a huge fan of Ashwin’s writing, and we are delighted that HarperCollins is now hosting Ashwin’s terrific Bharat series. Ashwin is India’s greatest adventure writer and has entertained millions of readers. with its incredible storytelling and imagination, spanning time and geography. The Mazda Wizards are a roller coaster that once again sets the bar very high!”

“The Magicians of Mazda” travels backwards, through the eras of Islamic Jihad, Macedonian Revenge, Achaemenid Glory, Messianic Birth, Aryan Schism to the Vedic source from which it began. Initially, the novel is set in 720 CE when a fleet of boats docks at the port of Sanjan in Gujarat. They carry eighteen thousand frightened souls fleeing the cruelty of the Umayyad Caliphate of Iran. As the novel progresses and moves centuries later, Parsi scientist Jim Dastoor is abducted from his Seattle lab and taken to Tehran. The Ayatollah believes Jim is the key to discovering the ancient relic known as the Star of Athravan and his men will do anything to possess it.

Speaking exclusively to TOI Books, Sanghi said, “With each book, I try to explore a different facet of Indian history, mythology or culture. I am fascinated by the connections between Zoroastrianism and Vedic philosophy and ‘The Magicians of Mazda’ are my way of erasing the layers that obscure the links between ancient India and Persia.”

When asked what readers can expect from his upcoming masterpiece, Sanghi said, “492 pages of a thrilling adventure that weaves its way through America, Iran, ‘Afghanistan and Kashmir. I have always thought that the greatest quality of a storyteller is to bring the reader to turn the page. I have painstakingly tried to do so.

Meanwhile, HarperCollins India Editor-in-Chief Swati Daftuar said in the statement, “We are very happy to welcome Ashwin to HarperCollins India. With each book in the Bharat series, he brings us something quite fantastic – and his latest, The Magicians of Mazda, is truly his finest yet. The painstaking research behind each book, the thrill and pace of a tense, beautifully crafted adventure – it all proves beyond doubt that he is truly a master storyteller.

So hold your hearts and your reading glasses up, readers! “The Wizards of Mazda” promises to be Sanghi’s best thriller to date!

Brian L. Hartfield