Author’s new book ‘Tips for Magicians’ receives warm literary reception

Readers’ Favorite Announces Review of Children – Grade 4th-6th Book “Tips for Magicians” by Celesta Rimington, currently available at

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Reviewed by KC Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“Tips For Magicians is a work of fiction in the fantasy, drama, and adventure subgenres. The work is aimed at children in grades four through six and is written by author Celesta Rimington. Our central protagonist is Harrison Boone, a talented singer who loses his voice when his mother dies unexpectedly. Now unable to pursue his musical dreams, Harrison decides instead to focus on mastering the art of illusory magic. But as he endures a life-changing event after another, his new hometown Muse offers an intriguing new mystery. A legendary magical entity is said to reside here that grants wishes but hasn’t been seen in years. This results in a charming and heartfelt adventure about healing, coping and finding your passion.

“It’s rare to find a children’s book with such a sophisticated level of emotional realism, but it’s a tale that really moved me from start to finish. Author Celesta Rimington reveals that the real magic of this charming novel lies not in the tricks or the legends of the story, but in the art itself, and its incredible power to heal us against very painful obstacles.As the central protagonist, Harrison is a very relevant figure for adults and young readers alike and is portrayed sensitively with a close and empathetic storytelling that really lets us feel every moment from its perspective.I also really liked the setting of Muse, a desert town that felt like a full-fledged character in a story swimming with atmosphere, personality and detail. The work that Rimington does with dialogue is also particularly effective in terms of characterization. Overall, I recommend I would warmly dear Tips For Magicians to everyone as a social issue drama that breathes new life and hope into the genre.

You can read more about Celesta Rimington and “Tips for Magicians” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through his website and social media pages.

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