Benzinga interviews Anet Rolikova at EthCC 5

The Brotherhood of Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) Magicians operates as an open forum, with the goal of helping improve the Ethereum network. The group allows members to come and go as they please and refer to Ethereum as “Magic” because this new technology often seems so advanced.

The group officially formed in 2018 and collectively discussed ideas for improvements to guide Ethereum along its roadmap.

Benzinga sat down with Anet Rolikova following his conference at Ethereum Community Conference 5 in Paris. Rolikova, core member of Ethereum Wizards, spoke about her disgust with the NFT ERC-721 standard.

Rolikova explains her issues with the standard: “Oh, I really don’t like the metadata, and I feel like we can do better to improve the metadata in the space, as well as the music. NFT industry. Trying to figure out how to help with this and also how to work on the new NFT music standards.

“But also so many problems come from the music industry itself, from the old music industry,” she added.

Rolikova also spoke to Benzinga about training magicians and how they can make an impact.

“We are a discussion forum to discuss all things Ethereum, mainly on EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Proposals). We started because there was an EIP that someone in the community offered, and the EIP was declined, and the person wanted to know why,” she said.

“So we have launched a forum where they can discuss why an HIA has failed and try to get community input for all governance processes and also provide a space for quiet discussions because many EIPs have been discussed in chats, you know, like telegram channels or Twitter,” she explained.

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Rolikova often interacts with the group as well as with other Ethereum communities on Twitter. Although she sometimes disagrees with others, she almost always speaks with a positive and upbeat tone.

This positivity trend isn’t new to Web3, and Rolikova explained why it is: “I feel like Web3 and crypto are kind of breaking Web2 stereotypes, and that brings just a new vibe of how we can do things differently whether it’s open payments because everything is on-chain so you can vote and see everything on-chain.

While Rolikova is a big fan of Ethereum, Benzinga asked if there were any other Layer 1 chains she was experimenting with.

“I used xDAI a lot, but that was when there was the POA channel, which is now the Gnosis channel, I believe. But that was really my last interaction. I would like to try other L1s too I used ZkSync layer 2 when I donated through Gitcoin grants they had zk rollups I believe.” she says.

“I also use Polkadot, but yeah, I get influenced by Polkadot. So I’ve been using that for a while, but I find the Polkadot ecosystem is just growing. And I find it’s a little more complicated to fit in than just interact in the ecosystem itself than Ethereum,” she added.

Rolikova has become good at interacting with the community and has largely become the face of Ethereum magicians. She will likely be found at other Web3 conferences where she continues to advocate for Ethereum improvements and positivity in Web3.

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