Cardi B and Marsai Martin learn magic tricks on “Cardi Tries” –

Cardi B has teamed up with Messenger and Instagram for a new episode of Cardi tries where she and actress Marsai Martin become magical. Together, the duo learn magic tricks from professionals and perform their new stunts in front of an audience.

The new episode begins with Cardi B and Marsai Martin entering a secret passageway in Los Angeles magic castle after guessing the magic password. The duo then venture into the location and learn lessons on how to activate their own powers.

They meet first Evan the map guy who teaches them a card trick. He then guides them to Smoothini, a bar magician who performs clever illusions that shock the “Bodak Yellow” rapper. Cardi performs her new routine in front of a live audience at the Magic Castle, where her hapless assistant Marsai is sawn in half.

“I’m scared,” a shocked Cardi B expressed after Smoothini performed one of her illusions.

“I want to know what you just put on…how do you do that?” the Blackish star tracked.

Fans can watch Cardi B and Marsai Martin learn magic tricks in the new episode of Cardi tries today (April 1) at 12 p.m. ET on Watch together via MessengerInstagram and Facebook

Check out an exclusive preview of the episode below.

Brian L. Hartfield