Dirk Arthur’s Tiger Magic Show Halted by Complaints from Animal Rights Activist

at Dirk Arthur The Magic and Tiger Show isn’t playing Notoriety Live after all. The production, which will be called “Magic Unleashed”, has been overwhelmed by a cascade of complaints from animal rights activists.

Venue owner Ken Henderson made the call Tuesday morning, after receiving more than 400 emails challenging the show.

Even the famous subject “Tiger King” Carol Baskin complained about the show. She replied, “I assume you are not aware of the public outcry against the use of big cats in acts or you would not associate yourself with those who still practice such barbaric acts.”

His complaint was typical of those who decry the use of such animals for entertainment.

Henderson consequently released a statement that the production, which was not yet under formal contract, would not move forward. He said of those who raised concerns: “Your voices have been heard.”

Arthur did not receive any requests for comment this week.

Arthur planned to take from his family white and orange tigers, a snow leopard, a bobcat, ducks, chickens and pigeons. The likeable showman has performed at multiple Las Vegas showrooms since opening at “Jubilee” in 1997. His last appearance was a 5.5-month, animal-free run at Westgate in 2018.

Henderson added that Notoriety’s mission is to support artists by providing top-notch staging and production facilities. “However, it is imperative that all artists have the choice to perform, and the artists in the proposed show do not.”

Henderson’s multi-theatre complex hosts a variety of shows, ranging from two “Faaabulous” drag productions (one a Sunday brunch, the other a Friday night show) to by Vinny Grosso Showcase “Totally Mental”. Inevitably, these performers would feel the collateral damage of any negative publicity or protests from Arthur’s show.

Henderson said he would be willing to cast Arthur as a comedic magician.

“I have nothing against Dirk Arthur, and I know he loves his cats,” Henderson said. “It’s just not the right thing for Notoriety, but we would consider his magic and illusions without the animals. “

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