Edinburgh Revue: The Greatest Magic Show at Assembly George Square Gardens

The greatest magic showis performed at the Palais du Variete in the lush, child-friendly grounds of Assembly George Square Gardens.

We are greeted enthusiastically by The Ringmaster, who, after leading the young (and at times throughout the show, wonderfully mischievous) audience into a frenzy of greeting, he explains that he has traveled the Earth in search of a Magical Holy Grail… The greatest magic show of all time. Thwarted, he took it upon himself to deliver it to us.

The opening looks like a fairly traditional magic show with a Ringmaster in a twisted red and black top hat setting the order of the proceedings. This is quickly reversed when we meet our main magicians, Justin and Sam.


Dressed in colorful and trendy jackets, they appear as much more contemporary and accessible magic weavers. As a magical duo, they have a brilliantly elevated partnership, very much in line with the wackiest children’s shows loved by those my daughter’s age, who is 7. In fact, the whole hour reminds me of the rhythmic, relentless energy that goes into the popular YouTube videos it engulfs so voraciously.

A criticism might be that for a show that calls itself the biggest, the tricks are unlikely to surprise many adults in the audience. However (and to their credit) they make it clear early on that this show is really for kids and that they’re going to be loud and demand a lot of volume and fervor in return.

Your kids will likely laugh, gasp, and clamor to be on stage in one of the many audience engagement moments. Indeed, I have seen my own child strive to ascend; something she didn’t always feel inspired or safe enough to do on other shows.

The greatest magic show is raspy, energetic and entertaining. Adults, take your earplugs.


Brian L. Hartfield