Endgame Magic Show #194 with Arne Kaehler

Komodo Dragon 3

The new Komodo Dragon 3 engine gained 100 Elo points in game strength over its predecessor when using one CPU core in blitz. This is a huge improvement for a program that has already reached an Elo level of over 3500!


Winning Chess Strategies Vol.1 & 2

Throughout this video course, we will explore how to master sacrifices and initiative in several aspects: opposite-colored bishops, pair of bishops, exchange sacrifice, launching an attack, and timing. to sacrifice will be discussed.

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ChessBase Magazine 208

The new European champion, Matthias Bluebaum, comments. New video series from Jan Markos: “Practical advice for the tournament player”. Opening videos of Sokolov, Rogozenco and Marin. 10 opening articles for your opening repertoire and much more!


A full black repertoire against 1.d4

In addition to covering all critical lines after 1.d4 and 2.c4, popular systems such as Trompovsky, London/Jobava System, Torre Attack, Colle System and Veresov are also covered.


Full black repertoire against 1.Nf3 & 1.c4

This video course offers you a complete and clear repertoire for Black against the moves 1.Nf3 and 1.c4. The recommended variations are easy to learn and easy to remember, but also pose serious challenges for whites.


Brian L. Hartfield