Environmental magic show teaches kids how to protect the planet


More than 20 years ago, Jerry White was asked to do an environmental magic show for a waste prevention program in his hometown of South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

The program was so good that other counties started asking him to do shows in their schools. As someone who has been doing magic tricks since he was 6 years old, he was happy to continue.

“Magic is a great tool for getting a message across because it keeps their attention, keeps their focus, and it kind of slips the information,” White said.

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White now goes to schools and events across the state to teach kids how to take ownership of the planet with her show “Make Litter Disappear.”

In 2017, it saw 5% of the state’s elementary students. Whenever White sees a student he did a show for, he asks if the show had an impact — and they always say yes, he noted.

“It’s nice to make a living, but it’s better now that I’ve found I’m making a difference,” White said.

White is working to make her trademarked show an international organization to teach people around the world how to take care of the environment. During the show, he tells the kids to think of the whole world as their backyard.

Students at Andrew Jackson Elementary School were impressed with the tricks, but in the end it’s all about education and environmental protection.

“I make them look at their front yard not as the area surrounding their house, but as the whole world,” White said. “So if the whole world is your garden, there’s no more room to throw away.”

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Brian L. Hartfield