Fans of The Magicians need to check out his sequel comic

Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians trilogy, released a miniseries with BOOM! Studios following Brakebills next generation of students.

For anyone looking for more depraved, magical action from Brakebills after Syfy’s TV adaptation of Lev Grossman’s critically acclaimed series magicians finished after its 5th season, look no further! In 2019 BOOM! studios began publishing a 5-issue mini-series titled Wizards: new class which follows a new group of freshmen at the Brakebills Academy of Medical Pedagogy in a story set after Grossman’s third and final novel in his magicians trilogy, The Land of the Magician.

magicians, First published in 2009 by Viking Press, follows the story of Quentin Coldwater, a fragile but passionate young man who discovers a secret world of magic and adventure right under his nose. Although it may sound very similar to the beginning of the Harry Potter franchise, magicians Brakebills Academy is a university, and the steamy, violent story quickly distracts from anything resembling the world of Hogwarts. While Grossman’s trilogy made him a New York Times Best-selling author, Syfy’s 2015 adaptation of the trilogy into an ensemble TV show is what really propelled the franchise into the mainstream and quickly became a favorite show for fans of fantasy, drama and drama. comedy.


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Wizards: new class – co-authored by Lev Grossman and award-winning author Lilah Sturges (Valet of Fables, House of Mystery) with the art of young Pias Bak (Eat the rich, child of the parish) – is not Grossman’s first foray into the comic book spinoffs of magicians. Previously, Grossman published The Magicians: Alice’s Story which focuses on fan-favorite character Alice Quinn and also takes place in the world of novels, which has been very well received by critics and fans alike. Grossman now explores what happened to the world of Brakebills after the last novel, with New class featuring Brakebills first class of much maligned Hedge Witches (magicians who taught themselves unauthorized magic without attending a magic academy) and the only returning character is the ubiquitous Dean Fogg.

Wizards new class comic book sequel

BOOM! Studios released the 5th and final issue of the thrilling miniseries in 2020 so anyone interested in reading the series in its entirety can pick up all the issues in one compiled paperback.

While Grossman’s new trilogy and SYFY’s adaptation share a basic setting, world-building, and lore, the plot of both versions of magicians diverge considerably, especially after Season 3 of the TV series, so fans of the franchise who want to explore the world further may want to read the trilogy before the comics if they haven’t already. Grossman is a master at world-building and creating lovable characters, so it’s almost a guarantee that if a fan enjoyed a game of magicians franchise, they will surely love Wizards: new class.

Longtime fans of the franchise might at first glance be disappointed that Grossman’s comic book sequel doesn’t feature any of the The Magicians’ beloved characters like Elliot, Alice and Julia but in reality, Grossman and Sturges are setting up a whole new generation of magicians, ripe for a television adaptation. Wizards: new class offers an interesting political twist on the franchise’s hedge magician versus traditional magician, with a major focus of the series following tensions between the two groups of students. For anyone who wants more magicians content be sure to pick up BOOM! studios mini-series Wizards: new class.

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