Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Fight Is Wizards-Meets-Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ghostwire: Tokyo is out next month, but we’ve seen very little of its paranormal action-adventure gameplay so far. That changed today with a PlayStation stream focused exclusively on gaming, and it gave us a look at some of the creative powers and gear you’ll use to defeat the cultists and save Tokyo.

The demo showed protagonist Akito, who has been half-possessed by a spectral entity called KK (no, not the Animal Crossing musician) as he fights his way through Tokyo and battles demonic entities roaming the streets. streets. Avatar-style powers based on water, fire, and air were on display, each offering a different benefit like providing concentrated damage or covering a larger area. Additionally, Akito has access to limited-use Talisman resources for more powerful attacks, as well as a physical bow.

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The arc, along with some close-quarters stealth gameplay briefly seen in the demo, gave off some unexpected Far Cry vibes, and with the freedom to choose how you approach situations – this is Tango Gameworks’ first non-linear project – it’s not There’s no right way to approach a fight. If things happen, there’s no need to take cover, as you’ll fight enemies using a mix of offensive spells as well as magic shields. If you’ve seen The Magicians, the intricate hand movements required to cast each one will feel familiar, like an interpretive dance but with more murder. After fully charging and entering “Wire In” mode, attacks become even deadlier, even though we only saw it in action for a few seconds.

However, not all powers are for combat. A grappling hook ability uses special yokai in hard-to-reach places, letting you reach them almost instantly, and a Spectral Vision mode is essentially Witcher Sense so you can get enemies to drop or find something hidden.

We’ll see how the spooky action of Ghostwire: Tokyo came together on March 25, 2022 when it launched on PS5 and PC. If you purchase the Deluxe Edition, you’ll also get three-day early access. You can read more about how the game mixes open world formula and how it was originally The Evil Within 3.

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Brian L. Hartfield