Glasgow ‘magicians’ company given green light to use alcohol in potion-making classes

Glasgow witches and wizards have been given permission to use alcohol in their potion making classes.

Magicians at The Root of Magic on Hope Street were granted a premises license by the city’s Licensing Board on Friday.

Actors lead potions classes, with cocktails, from the venue, which can accommodate up to 20 people. Classes for children are also available.

Peter Lawson, representing the magical place, said: “This is an unusual app, it’s the first time I’ve done an app like this.

“The Root of Magic is not only a retail unit, but also a cafe and runs courses based on magic.

“They offer a class led and hosted by trained actors who teach participants how to make various magic potions.”

He added that the potions, some of which involve alcohol, are a “mixture of juice, fruit and everything else”, with some also including dry ice.

The Root of Magic, which opened just before the covid pandemic, previously offered classes under occasional licenses.

Mr Lawson said one of the main concerns of the venue’s bosses was to ensure ‘that when classes are on, attendees don’t use their very expensive chopsticks, which cost around £60 each, to stir the potion”.

He added: “They had the misfortune to open just four days before the lockdown started which didn’t do their business any good at all.

“The actors taking the class are all dressed up and when you walk into the class you get what looks like a graduation gown.

The venue has also been granted delivery permission, with customers able to order potions and other magical keepsakes online.

Mr Lawson said: “I imagine it’s more fun to take the course onsite than it is online, but if you organize and send the packages it will come with full instructions on what to do. what you should do.”

And SNP adviser Alex Wilson couldn’t resist a joke at Boris Johnson’s expense.

He said: “I imagine these deliveries would be fantastic for parties etc.

“It looks excellent and I’m sure our current Prime Minister would love to have those potions and the magic wand to make himself disappear.”

Brian L. Hartfield