Hickory Creek students marvel at magic show

Rick Smith Jr. was full of tricks when he performed a magic show Monday at Hickory Creek Elementary.

Smith showed he was good at slicing a piece of celery by throwing a regular playing card at it.

He blasted second-grade teacher Lara Kate Miller when he held a match under a student’s chair and said Ms Miller could feel the pain. “It was hot,” she said.

One of his most fascinating tricks came when he pulled student Trent Farra out of the crowd and asked him to choose a card. He then asked Trent to give him random numbers which he typed into his cell phone to make a call.

A man answered and nearly hung up. Smith asked him to please stay in line, that it was not a scam and that he was in fact, right now, part of his magic show.

Smith asked the guy on the phone to guess the card Trent was holding in his hand.

“I have no idea what card he’s holding,” the man replied.

Says Smith, “Just make a wild guess.”

The man guessed the 4 of spades, a guess that shocked Trent because he was holding the 4 of spades.

Smith dazzled the crowd with a variety of tricks, including his ability to throw a playing card the length of the Hickory Creek gymnasium.

Smith told the public he appeared on “Shark Tank” and he posted a YouTube video that received over 90 million views. To find him on social media, search for Rick Smith Jr.

Brian L. Hartfield