High-flying riders and magicians talk about kindness

MORONI—Students from North Sanpete Middle School watched high-flying BMX stunts and a magic show while learning about the importance of being kind at the Stand 4Kind assembly on Friday.

Professional BMX rider Michael Molger jumped over five teachers from North Sanpete Middle School who were lying on the pavement during the Stand 4 Kind assembly on Friday.

Stand 4 Kind started because there was a problem in the schools, the students were hurting and people didn’t know how to help. They offer impactful assemblies on many difficult topics that students face every day.

Magician Stuart Edge, shows he can trust a friend by smashing his hand over a brown paper bag which may or may not have a six inch nail inside, only the college student next to him knew whether it was or not. .

They believe that every student deserves to feel like they belong and have a connection. By teaching empathy, self-esteem, emotional well-being and kindness, they offer schools a way to reduce student suicide and bullying.

North Sanpete Middle School principal Jeff Erickson watches as the pro rider jumps on him on his bike during the kindness-focused assembly last Friday.

One of the presenters was Stuart Edge, who is best known for his viral internet videos which have gained over 500 million views and a social audience of over 3 million followers.

Edge performed several magic tricks with brown paper bags, teddy bears, and a deck of cards referring to kindness as magic.

“Kindness is not a magic trick that only a few of us can do,” he said. “Kindness is something we can all do, we all know how to do it, it just takes a little effort.”

The excitement escalated as professional BMX rider Michael Molger of Columbia took to the ramps set up in the rear parking lot where he did numerous twists and turns.

One of the jumper’s favorite stunts was jumping over Principal Jeff Erickson, who was sitting in a chair at the top of the ramp and jumping over five teachers lying on the floor.

As the high-flying action was popular with the students, BMX Pros Trick Team owner Erick Soto took a moment and spoke to the students about the importance of having a good character and the way to succeed in life, you need lots of good friends.

“Students, each of you must make a difference and it can start with you right here at North Sanpete Middle School,” Soto said.

He told the students that many of today’s problems come from people with a bad character, and he said that we cannot succeed if we are not good citizens.

The BMX riders were a hit with all the students, seventh grader Brady King said he loves racing bikes and loves assembly. said. “They also shared a good message; we should all be friends here at school.

Brian L. Hartfield