How Storm Became One of the Most Powerful Wizards in the Marvel Multiverse

The X-Men’s Storm was once trapped in extradimensional limbo with Magik, where she became one of Marvel’s most powerful magicians.

Ororo Munroe of the X-Men, aka Storm, is one of Marvel’s most important mutants. Commonly referred to as the Wind-Rider or Weather Witch, Storm has joined Xavier’s league of mutant heroes, serving as a friend, confidant, and sometimes even a mother or brother figure to her fellow X-Men. However, in another universe and another timeline, Ororo took a very different path in his life.

In Weird X-Men #160, the X-Men were dragged into Limbo, where they faced Belasco, corrupted versions of themselves, and even their own corpses. There, Storm and her allies received help from an older version of herself, fully dressed in wizard robes. This version of Ororo was also dragged into Limbo alongside his teammates, but was unable to escape. Her teammates fell prey to Belasco, with only Kitty Pryde surviving and resurfacing as “Cat”, a much more savage and ruthless version of herself. In Limbo, Ororo’s weather powers weren’t enough to help him survive. To adequately defend herself, she turned to ancient magic and became a powerful witch.

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In addition to her mutant abilities, this version of Storm had magical powers that included astral projection, rapid healing, object transformation, psychokinesis, and extrasensory psychic powers that allowed her to sense and sense things above. beyond his presence. Limbo Ororo demonstrated her pure magical powers in her battle alongside the mainstream X-Men, much to their shock, proving her reputation as a “goddess” as more than just a nickname. However, these new magical powers came at a cost – her mutant abilities weakened and placed greater strain on her body as she aged.

Although she is able to send her young Prime Universe and most of her X-Men allies back to their dimension and free them from limbo, young Illyana Rasputin is not so lucky. Belasco kidnapped seven-year-old Illyana and used part of her soul to create a new bloodstone and make her his apprentice. Ororo saved Illyana and most of her soul before the corruption could be ended, but discovered that part of Illyana was forever tainted. Cat suggested killing Illyana before she became a threat, but Ororo defied this and instead decided to raise the girl and teach her magic.

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Thus, Storm became a mentor and mother figure to Illyana. She taught the young mutant magic realizing that she not only had to protect herself, but also had to be ready to fight Belasco. Illyana learned astral projection and how to summon weapons, as well as how to heal and fight. As she learned, the young mutant became more aware of the hidden darkness that lived within her.

Unfortunately, Storm couldn’t save Illyana from being kidnapped by Belasco again. Despite her best efforts to save her young student, Ororo was mortally wounded in the ensuing battle. Belasco announced his intention to sacrifice Ororo’s soul in order to create another Bloodstone and gave Illyana the choice to corrupt Ororo’s soul or kill her. At Ororo’s request, Illyana stabbed her, freeing her soul and sparing her from being corrupted in Belasco’s ritual.

Limbo-verse Ororo demonstrates a path not taken for the mainstream version of Storm. Trapped in a dimension far from home, she made the best of her situation, expanding her powers beyond time manipulation and becoming a formidable magic user. Although this Ororo’s story ended in tragedy, at least he died like herself – someone who, in Illyana’s words, was strong, gentle and kind, someone who created life for itself.

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