Human society, civic actors enjoy the magic show at Manistee

The Wissner family – Michael and Anthony Sager Wissner, and Aria, Lennon and Oscar Grossenbach – chose to donate to the Manistee Civic Players and the Manistee County Humane Society. A total of $2,940 was raised for local charities.

“The show was a smash hit,” said Aaron Wissner, son of Wayne Wissner. “We are proud to give back to our community.

The show, which took place on July 3, featured a dozen professional life-size stage illusions, including Mummy Case, Shadow Box, Palanquin, Flying Box, Sawed in Half, Zig Zag Girl, Broom Suspension, DeKolta Chair, Tip Over Trunk, Metamorphosis, Modern Cabinet and Open Sword Chest.

The family magic show was performed by Wayne Wissner’s five grandchildren, ages 10 to 16. Wissner is a retired magician and a 1966 graduate of Manistee High School.

Earlier this year, another charity event at the Ramsdell featuring local musicians supported Ukraine’s efforts. Pines of Arcadia presented A Concert for Ukraine and raised $10,500 to support RAZOM, a US-based relief organization

“These events that promote local talent and support important causes are at the epicenter of Ramsdell’s purpose,” said Xavier Verna, Executive Director of the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts. “It’s all part of a vision that was realized nearly 120 years ago by Thomas Jefferson Ramsdell.”

Brian L. Hartfield