Jeff McBride is amazing in virtual magic show ‘MagicQuest’

Jeff McBride. Photo by Richard Faverty, Beckett Studios.

On May 23, Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos attended famed magician Jeff McBride’s virtual magic show called “Jeff McBride—MagicQuest,” and it was amazing. Digital Journal has the scoop.

McBride, who is a “Grandmaster of Magic”, was able to use Zoom as a platform to deliver interactive magic to his fans and viewers around the world.

Longtime manager, executive producer and director Tobias Beckwith also made an appearance, which was an added treat. McBride was introduced by the legendary David Copperfield.

He took his viewers on a virtual tour of his school of magic and mystery in Las Vegas, which houses masks from around the world and is reminiscent of a modern-day Hogwarts.

McBride went on to deliver memorable card manipulation and mask routines. He shared that he got into cards at the age of seven, when he was given a deck of cards, and it was the “greatest gift he’s ever received”.

He has acknowledged that coin magic is one of his favorite types of magic. He even asked this reporter to be a virtual volunteer for one of his demos, which involved coins, and this humble reviewer was left spellbound and in awe of McBride’s natural talent as a magician and storyteller. .

“The Rain Maker” routine, in particular, was a jaw-dropping sight. It’s no wonder he was able to fool Penn & Teller on “Fool Us” with it. Most impressive was when McBride paid tribute to one of his magic heroes and mentors, the late but great Eugene Burger.

Without giving too much away, McBride’s “MagicQuest” shows are worth experiencing live, and there are only three virtual shows left this month.

When asked if he learned anything about himself doing “MagicQuest”, he joked, “how submissive and indebted I am to Cox Cable”. “I also learned that people like to tell stories and it’s a great way to tell stories,” he said. “I learned that I like to play from home.”

The verdict

All in all, Jeff McBride was able to put on an exquisite online magic show with “MagicQuest”. He was able to transport his audience to different realms while taking them on a journey through magic. It was mystical, refreshing, remarkable and unique. His set consisted of comedy magic, dramatic magic, and skill magic (sleight of hand).

McBride is a magician worth checking out, whether live or via Zoom (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). His virtual show got an A grade and he managed to introduce his audience to his art of magic.

For more on Jeff McBride and his magic, visit his official homepage and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Brian L. Hartfield