Karsten Müller’s Endgame Magic Show #178: Rook vs. Bishop

Fritz 18

“Evolving Genius”: learn how to attack and play shinies. Fritz offers you everything you will need as a chess enthusiast.


ChessBase Magazine Supplement 205

Opening videos: Christian Bauer shows a new sacrifice in the Voronezh variant of the Alekhine defense. Mihail Marin breaks a spear for the Defense of Berlin with 4.d3 d6. “Lucky bag” with more than 70 analyzes by Edouard, Hera, Kapnisis, Sasikiran et al.


The Scottish game

Along with in-depth theory and exciting tactical exercises on the Scotch Game, this video course also includes a bonus section on the Scotch Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Bc4), an animated variation often leading to very dynamic positions.


ChessBase Magazine 205

“Special” on Robert Huebner with analysis and videos on strategy and endgame. Firouzja, Oparin, Predke, Sevian, Vitiugov and more comment on their Grand Swiss 2021 matches. Opening videos from Kasimdzhanov, Ragger and Marin. 11 opening items


ChessBase Magazine Extra 204

Videos: Scandinavian expert Christian Bauer demonstrates clever evasive maneuvers in the system with 3…Qa5. Mihail Marin proves that Catalan is alive and always good for new ideas! Plus “Lucky bag” with analysis by Anish Giri, Peter Heine Nielsen, Romain E


Brian L. Hartfield