Las Cruces doctor conjures up a magic show with a medical twist

By Elva K. Austria

The magical and beautiful Raze MD takes the stage on October 9th at the Rio Grande Theater Downtown to share a magical show full of illusions like Las Cruces has never seen.

As Raze MD teleports onto the stage to create his “Med-Illusions”, he will provide a spectacle he knows well. As a physician in Las Cruces with his own general practice, Raze MD’s day job is Dr. Imran Raza, which ultimately led him to be the inspiration for his medical illusion theme for the show.

The show encompasses everything from card tricks to sawing nurses in half, making them disappear and subjecting themselves to dangerous evasions, even beautiful levitation. And, there might even be a bit of gore on stage, maybe bloody intestines dripping. “I’m going to operate on stage. I cut people in half, three pieces, make them disappear and more,” he said.

He has, after all, an idea of ​​what should be inside people.

There will be two shows on Oct. 9, at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The first is more family-oriented, Raze MD said. The second gets a little crazier and more intense. Each show is 1.5 hours of illusion and excitement. After the Las Cruces event, once the world opens up again, Raze MD plans to take his “Med-illusions” to cities like Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas and more with his onstage assistants and his three machinists.

“It’s my passion and I look after each of them when we travel,” he said. “I practiced 12-13 and wanted to change gears a bit. You only live when you know.

And his patients fully support the Raze MD persona of Raza.

In early 2020, Raze MD and longtime area performer Jamie O’Hara teamed up to open a magic shop, Raze Studio, 3202 Rinconada, Las Cruces. There’s a stage and performance hall there and it’s Raze MD’s intention to continue their big Med-Illusion show with a little performance at the shop for Halloween.

His assistants and machinists are there to support him no matter what.

“I love the show,” said Autry Sutcliff, one of the women helping him. “It’s a unique job. I’ve done a lot of theater and it’s exciting to try something new. He’s a great boss. »

Raze MD said the team was ready to go on the show. They know how to create illusions; now it only remains to chain them.

“We have all practiced all the illusions before,” he said. “It will be like editing a movie.

“People loved the first show (March 2020) and I would give it a three out of 10. This show will be so much better I would give it an eight. We have better people, a better crew. It’s extremely crazy and we have a great passion to make it happen.

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Brian L. Hartfield