Magic Show Raises Funds for Blind River Cadets and Beavers

Dr. Von Houligan’s Family Extravaganza had three shows in Blind River this weekend

Dr. Von Houligan’s Family Extravaganza show took place in Blind River over the weekend. Three shows raised funds for the Blind River Beavers and the local Canadian Cadets group.

Hosted by longtime supporter and good friend of Dr. Von Houligan, Storm Jensen, the event included a Friday night show and two Saturday shows with the final show just before the Beavers’ NOJHL season opener and offering a discount on the match for participants.

Dr. Von Houligan’s shows are described as a traveling variety show that takes people back to the old days of the circus, with talented and thrilling performances of juggling, balancing, magic and more. The good doctor did not disappoint on all fronts those who attended the midday show on Saturday. He regularly brought in young volunteers to help him do his many magic tricks, which the youngsters enjoyed with the adults present.

There were tricks involving swords and juggling, but among the more enjoyable acts was a ball trick that involved three volunteers holding shiny cups upside down, where Dr. Von Houligan made appear and disappear the bullets without the knowledge of the three volunteers.

He was the first in Blind River for a show seven years ago, and when he let Jensen know he had time off between engagements, he agreed to make the trip into town between breaks. As far as Jensen is concerned, it was a nice act, and it would help the two groups she is part of as director to raise funds.

Dr Von Houligan said ElliotLakeToday, after his first Saturday performance, that he first became interested in magic at the age of seven when he first tried juggling. Later, the Saskatchewan native honed his skills and decided that instead of acting he would pursue straight performances and several years later he hit the road with his show.

Jensen said she first saw the show seven years ago and was captivated by its message, performances and fantasies enjoyed especially by young people.

Dr. Von Houligan’s posts shared a bit of magic history, some of the most historic magicians such as Harry Houdini, and direct messages that children could understand. Among those messages was one that kids should never feel like they can’t say “no” no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

From Blind River, the show heads south to a community near Windsor.

Brian L. Hartfield