Magic Tricks Disappear: Thief Steals Trailer Containing Elloree Illusionist’s Tools | Crime and courts

Russell Anderson has been a magician/illusionist since 2005.

It’s his career and his livelihood.

On Monday morning, he discovered that someone had vanished his closed utility trailer – containing his illusions, backdrops, sound system and other tools of his trade –.

“It’s so frustrating,” said Anderson, who is billed as “South Carolina’s number one illusionist.”

Anderson said it appears someone with a two-wheeler truck drove into his Elloree property on the 5400 block of Old Number Six Highway early Monday morning and stole his “magic trailer.” , as he calls it.

“It disappeared and I would like it to magically reappear with all the illusions it contains,” he said.

He’s also willing to drive anywhere in the country to pick it up, no questions asked.

He called the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office just before 9 a.m. Monday, immediately after discovering the trailer was missing.

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It contained $20,000 in equipment.

Anderson said his trailer was locked when someone stole it.

The trailer is 26 feet long. It was manufactured by Haulmark in 1987.

Anderson said it was once a race car trailer that he converted to carry his equipment for his magic/illusion shows.

“I need my stuff,” Anderson said.

He is participating in the filming of a PBS special on the USS Yorktown in Charleston on May 22.

He doubts anyone who stole it knows how to use the contents of the trailer.

“Right now they stole my career,” he said. Anderson lacks the necessary equipment for illusions such as double levitation and a motorcycle appearance.

“I don’t have a job for my assistant. I have no illusions to put her in it, ”he said.

Anderson said magicians across the country had offered to lend him illusions to get him through this troubled time, but he had to give those illusions back to other magicians.

He hopes whoever took the caravan with his livelihood will return his career by returning what he stole.

Anderson said if anyone can provide information leading to the recovery of the trailer and its contents, they may be eligible for a reward.

To report information about the theft of Anderson’s trailer and equipment, call the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 803-534-3550 or call Anderson directly at 803-387-9451 or email an email to Anonymous advice can be provided.

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Brian L. Hartfield