Magicians and their tricks | Letters to the Editor

“Conjuring is what magicians use to perform some of their most elaborate tricks. Also known as sleight of hand, it uses the clever trickery of having a hand that distracts the eye with flashy actions but empty, while the real business is conducted, with the other hand, out of sight.

Villains are a lot like magicians. Their ability to escape the consequences depends on them keeping the true nature and full extent of their evil deeds out of the public eye. In fact, the most cunning, powerful, and wealthy delinquents come to be particularly adept at conjuring, by dint of necessity.

As soon as a high-end villain is discovered, the magic tricks begin. Delay is its absolutely indispensable ally. That’s why T&T cases take forever. Every detail is appealed to the Privy Council. Every constitutional motion is explored.

Throughout the process, our eyes are glued to the alleged errors or missteps the state has made in its attempts to present its case for accounting in the exact form, of which no one is quite sure, unless it is not tested in court. Meanwhile, the money continues to be spent, the witnesses wither and the population is tired of waiting for justice to be done.

What we do not see, what our eyes are carefully averted from, are the facts of the case, the evidence that has been uncovered, and the substance of the elaborate and flagrant sins of one of the vilest and most brazen – the white-collar criminal.

Joanne Joseph

St. Fernando

Brian L. Hartfield