Magicians Dead: Force of the Soul announced for PS4

Oizumi Amuzio Announced Team Fighting Action Game Dead Magicians: Strength of Soul for PlayStation 4. A release date has not been announced.

dead magicians is a 3D action fighting arcade game developed by Byking, the studio behind the Mobile Suit Gundam VS. and Gunslinger Stratos series. It was first launched in December 2016 and relaunched as Dead Magicians NEXT Blazing in July 2017. Online services ended in November 2018. Set in a world where magic and psychokinesis coexist, it depicts the battle between magicians resisting persecution and psychics trying to exterminate them.

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On Dead Magicians: Strength of Soul

Dead Magicians: Strength of Soul

Dead Magicians: Strength of Soul is a team-based combat action game in which fierce battles between psychics and magicians take place. This is a new title developed in Japan and published by Oizumi Amuzio, who previously localized Western titles for Japan.

The game is highlighted by its unique combat system and deep-rooted feud between psychics and magicians, among many other elements.

Voice actors bring the game’s unique characters to life.

Dead Magicians: Strength of Soul will exhibit Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online from September 30 to October 3.

Visit the presentation website here. Check out the background images from the website below.

Brian L. Hartfield