MagicLand establishes a blasphemy-free zone in a spirit world of magicians

Given the huge popularity of fantasy book titles among young readers, it can be difficult for parents to find novels that aren’t riddled with profanity and f-bombs. MagicLand, the debut novel by Charles Bastille, brings elements of magic, technology and romance to a future Earth during a two thousand year war where the fate of the world rests on a kiss. And all of this in a way that won’t make parents wince when the characters speak.

The novel also explores spirituality, providing a gentle introduction to religion that doesn’t take sides from a denominational point of view. Because there are Abrahamic overtones to the story, followers of the three major Abrahamic religions will feel at home as the characters struggle to deal with malevolent forces in a world of the far future. Young readers facing their peers’ skepticism toward religion will find solace in the novel’s simple introduction to life’s big questions.

When a young actor from Gath, a land of augmented humans, crash-lands outside the magical land of Moria and is rescued by Aurilena, a young Morian witch, the pair become incredibly attracted to each other. other, despite the current war between their two species. Together, they uncover a centuries-old secret leading to a kiss that could end the brutal war and make way for an unlikely peace between implacable enemies. but only if Aurilena can discover the true source of her gifts before it’s too late.

A parable of the present day and a story of hope, MagicLand serves as a final warning about climate change but reassures young readers and parents that humanity has faced many existential crises and has yet to fall. MagicLand reminds readers that they don’t have to be the star of the show to be the hero and that anything can be overcome when we are truly connected to our guiding spirit.

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About the Author:

Charles Bastille wrote and self-published his first major works while in sixth grade. Using notebook paper, he created palm-sized comic booklets, The Adventures of Dr Maums, which circulated in several classrooms. Since then, he has been writing fiction. Most of his fiction was stored away, as he worked by day, first in the advertising industry as a creative director, then as a software engineer. Charles has published several books on software development for publishers such as Sybex, IDG and Wiley and was co-author of the industry classics HTML, XHTML and CSS Bible. MagicLand is Charles’ first novel. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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MagicLand: a novelby Charles Bastille, will be published by Morgan James Publishing on December 7, 2021. Magical Land —9781631955648 — has 282 pages and is sold as a paperback for $16.95.

About Morgan James Publishing:

Morgan James publishes business-quality titles designed to educate, encourage, inspire, or entertain readers with current, consistent, and relevant topics that are available wherever books are sold.


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