Marvel kills one of its most powerful magicians

Hoggoth has long been a member of the Vishanti, a trio that effectively oversees the entire world of Marvel mysticism. Only now, Hoggoth is dying. As revealed during the events of Strange Academy #16, Hoggoth lay dying from an upheaval in the mystical order. After all, in the sequel, Doctor Strange has just been killed, and the Vishanti are especially vulnerable.

Interestingly enough, Hoggoth and the Vishanti have been portrayed as immortal for much of their lives as characters from Marvel’s extensive character library. So it’s a big deal to see one of the three wither away on a page.

With only two issues so far, fans of Marvel’s hit comic will soon get answers about why Hoggoth is suffering the way he does. Strange Academy #17 is due out this coming week while the finale, Strange Academy #18, will hit the shelves of your local comic book store in April.

“This book is so close to my heart. We created so many new characters and brought each of them to life in such a unique way,” Strange Academy writer Skottie Young previously said of the book. “Working alongside my brother Humberto on these last 18 issues has been such a special thing for me. I’m just glad we have more Strange Academy stories to tell and I can’t wait to get them into your hands. !”

“Platitudes are often thrown into these pages, but if you’ve read STRANGE ACADEMY you know we mean business. So listen up,” added editor Nick Lowe. “Seriously, you don’t want to miss this number that will destroy you emotionally and destroy the school beyond recognition.”



• An ancient evil – Gaslamp – has targeted the Strange Academy – but what is this creature really looking for?
• Calvin is caught in this mess and he could lose everything.
• The use of magic always comes at a cost, and the Strange Academy is racking up a huge bill – but when will that bill finally come to an end?

Strange Academy #17 is slated for a March 9 release.

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Brian L. Hartfield