Meet the woman from Glasgow who comes from three generations of magicians

A third-generation magician who has performed around the world will take the stage for the first time in her hometown of Glasgow.

Mandy Fletcher, from Cardonald, has worked as a magician for over ten years and can’t wait to start her show in the city.

Known as The Enchantress, the 28-year-old illusionist has magic in her blood, inheriting a love of performing from her mother and grandfather who were also magicians.

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She told the Glasgow Times: “I am a third generation magician.

“My mother Moira [Fletcher] is a magician and my grandfather Duncan [Fletcher] was also a magician, so I kept the last name.

She added: “My first magic convention I attended, I was four months old.

“So I literally grew up around magicians and magic and performance.

“Learning silly little things when I was younger, I really enjoyed the bright lights of showbiz.”

Ms. Fletcher has performed around the world, including a stint at the famed House of Illusion in Salou, Spain, and residencies on ships in the Baltic Sea.

She is known for her edgy stunts, including swallowing razor blades and escaping from a straitjacket.

She said, “It’s something I thought might be a little different, I do a lot of weird magic.

“This version of me might be a little more dangerous.”

Glasgow hours:

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Mandy also loves grand illusions and has an impressive resume of mystical skills. In the past, she has performed large stage illusions, family shows and adult cabarets.

The upcoming show at the Websters Theater in the West End on Saturday October 1 is special as it will bring together six of Scotland’s top magicians to share the stage for the first time.

Called Delusions of Grandeur, the multi-performer magic show is a welcome return to normal after “two very strange years” for performers.

Ms Fletcher said: “This show is going to be a collection of Scotland’s best magicians all coming together to put on something really special for a night.

“All the magicians involved in the show, we all know each other but we’ve never all been in the same place at the same time to work together.

“Each magician has their own special skill or something a little different.

“No one will be the same, there won’t be the same magic, everything is very different and it’s going to be really special.

“There will be some for everyone.”

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She added: “There has never been anything like this in Scotland before.

“It’s about local Scottish artists who want to do something in their home country and celebrate Scottish magic, which is quite exciting.”

Ms Fletcher’s family are also keen to see her perform in Glasgow and her mother is particularly eager to attend the show.

Ms Fletcher said: “She is a very proud mother because I entered the family industry and kept the passion for something that is so important in the lives of our family.

“She’s very excited about the whole thing.”

Brian L. Hartfield