M’sian teenage magicians gain worldwide recognition

JOHOR BARU: Two young students who took magic lessons as a hobby only about a year ago were surprised when the international magic competition recognized their talents.

12-year-old Yuvan Andrew of SJKT Masai and 14-year-old A. Jennyfer of SMK Sultan Alauddin received certificates from the contest organizer and became life members of the International Magic Club after participating in the International Magic Club online magic in vietnam.

A total of 100 children from 10 countries took part in this virtual competition.

Their trainer T. Muniandy, a magician for 20 years, declared that it was a great achievement.

“Each participant had to make a two-minute video of various tricks and submit them online in February,” he said, adding that he decided to teach magic tricks via online courses the year last.

Andrew said he loved magic from an early age and decided to enroll in Muniandy Academy when his father told him about the school last year.

“I know a few tricks, including turning fire into a rose flower,” he said, adding that he was happy whenever the audience was impressed with his performance.

Jennyfer said performing in public places such as malls has boosted her confidence.

Bewitched: Muniandy practicing magic tricks with students Yuvan and Jennyfer. — THOMAS YONG/The Star

“Magicians need to practice their tricks properly to avoid making mistakes. I spend about an hour a day practicing my tricks,” she said, adding that for now she would keep this talent as a hobby.

Muniandy, who is popularly known as Andy within the international magician community and whose three children are also trained magicians, said he has about 25 students.

“This is the second time that I have invited my students to register for such a competition. Last year, my 13-year-old son placed third in a similar competition,” he said, adding that he hoped to get more people into magic.

Muniandy, who has also won international awards, said the Covid-19 pandemic had severely affected his business as he was unable to perform in public.

“Previously, I was busy with a lot of weekly bookings in Malaysia and Singapore,” he said.

Muniandy, who can perform over 100 tricks, said he enjoys entertaining people.

“I aspire to be like David Copperfield one day,” he said, referring to the American illusionist.

He said he hoped that through his magic academy he would be able to produce at least 50 magicians in the country.

Brian L. Hartfield