“My magic show assistant put a love spell on me and I don’t know what to do” – Coleen Nolan

Dear Coleen

I’m a 27 year old magician and my problem is that I’m in love with my assistant.

She’s 27 too and we’ve been a duo for five years and we perform a classic magic show. Our outfits also make a splash – I’m wearing a shirt, vest, bow tie, skirt, jacket and heels, while she’s wearing a gold dress with long black gloves and heels.

I know this woman like the back of my hand – I know she’s bisexual, which isn’t a problem since I’m gay.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I feel a little sad when I do tricks on her, like sawing her in half and seeing her in the box with her feet sticking out one side and her head with her strawberry blonde hair from the side. ‘other !

I feel like I’m cutting into a work of art when I “saw” her body.

She claims she likes to work as my assistant and I also like her to work for me, but I would also like her to be my girlfriend.

Am I looking for a new assistant for the show, so we can be together?

I don’t know what to do for the best – any advice would help.

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coleen says

It looks like the beginnings of a plot for a sitcom! OK, I think you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself. It’s her job and her livelihood, and it looks like she likes it, but I understand there’s conflict for you because you have feelings for her.

You don’t say if you noticed any signs from her that she might feel the same way.

The first thing to do is probably to be honest with her about how you feel. I know it’s never easy when you’re unsure of the other person’s reaction, but because you work so closely together, it makes sense to be open about it.

However, you must be prepared not to get the response you want and you will need to think about your working relationship.

She might say she doesn’t want to fall in love, but wants to be your assistant.
Or she may have developed feelings for you as well, but she still wants to work with you.

It can get tricky when you introduce romance into a work situation. Also, it might not be so easy to find another assistant or someone else you have such great chemistry with on stage, and that could impact your act.

If you decide to bite the bullet and tell her how you feel, think about it all and talk it over.

You obviously have a close personal and professional relationship, so hopefully you can be honest with each other and work it out together.

Good luck.

Brian L. Hartfield