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Want to relive fond memories of your childhood basement birthday parties with a mystifying magician who made objects disappear and appear out of thin air? (I can’t be the only one!) Join Las Vegas conjurer Jordan Rooks in the Stardust Lounge for an evening of illusions that stand alongside the best of his hometown, without any of the self-aggrandizing egos that plague some. Vegas marquees. names.

Rooks displays his technical mastery of standard sleight of hand and mentalism effects, from regenerating the scraped stuffing of an Oreo cookie to guessing an audience member’s name and date of birth. None of his methods are particularly innovative, but he gives some of these greatest hits a personal twist, using Froot Loops instead of the typical razor blades for a regurgitation trick, or transforming a straightjacket escape from Houdini-style strength into a dance routine.

With his lovable, understated stage presence, you can’t help but support Rooks, but he’s got stiff competition at this conjuring fest. He starts off strong by linking his tricks to his important childhood memories, but quickly abandons this guideline; he also promotes suicide prevention awareness, but mentions the issue too late for it to be meaningfully incorporated into his show. Rooks has the skills and the passion to succeed as a magician, but in this business you have to have a trick; I would like to see him delve more into the elements of his personal history that set him apart from his cluttered field.

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Brian L. Hartfield