Penn & Teller Magic Show Features Shorewood High School Alumnus

SHOREWOOD, WI – A Shorewood High School alum was recently featured on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, a show where magicians show off their greatest tricks while celebrity judges try to figure out how the trick works.

Ben Seidman, who graduated from SHS in 2003, appeared on the show’s eighth season. Seidman appeared before the two famous magicians Penn and Teller with a shelf full of books and a trick that was applauded.

“I got into magic because of the friends I made along the way,” Seidman said in his introduction to the series. “I mean, I befriended a rabbit.”

Seidman, appearing virtually, showed Penn and Teller his library filled with hundreds of books. He then asked the two which book he should buy next. After some back and forth at the judges’ whim, Seidman pulled off the trick.

He briefly covered the shelf from the camera’s field of view with his hand. A few seconds later, the library could be seen again. The hundreds of books that once filled the shelves were all gone, and only one remained.

The only book left was the one Penn and Teller had chosen second, wrapped in the dust jacket of the two magicians’ first choice. Did the trick fool Penn and Teller?

“We loved it, we loved that it was about magic books,” Penn said, “but we don’t think it fooled us.”

Seidman’s appearance in Penn and Teller, his second to date, isn’t his first foray into comedy and magic. Over the years, Seidman has gotten a feature on Netflix’s original “Brainchild,” he’s been a magic consultant for Johhny Knoxville, and after being the top-rated performer on Princess Cruises, he’s won the title. Artist of the Year, Shorewood School District posted on alum.

Brian L. Hartfield