Real magicians step into Hollywood Magic

Just like the action sequences, magic in movies is extremely impressive at times because it can wow audiences and make the impossible quite possible because with a little help from Hollywood and a lot of time forgetting what is practical and what could happen versus what is happening, magic comes across as one of the biggest things in movies. The only problem is that sometimes you have to say what is true and what is false. Hollywood is there to make things look better and to surprise audiences in a way that will keep them watching, not necessarily to fool them, but to keep their audiences happy. In that regard, some of the tricks that are seen on screen tend to be a bit overplayed and dolled up to make them look even more amazing. This sort of thing is very typical of Hollywood since that’s the game, and making everything better is how people in Hollywood get paid. However, whatever the profession, hobby or passion, it will happen that those who know it best will be able to spot most of what is real and what is not.

The sleight of hand is one of the greatest tricks in Hollywood movies, as it’s one of the easiest to produce on screen given that it’s nothing but a deft deception . It can be fooling someone who’s right in front of you or fooling a group with a feat of manual dexterity that leaves people amazed, but it’s also one of the best things a magician can have up their sleeve. of laps since it is also one of the most important. The thing about the scene in Now You See Me 2 though is that the riders are in a room where there are literally lines of sight everywhere that could pick up on what they’re doing, and somehow other, people who check them for a hidden device are still conveniently looking at the other side. It’s Hollywood, because if there were four individuals suspected of stealing or tampering with something significant, they probably would have watched closely and wouldn’t be able to perform the feats that are so awe-inspiring but also horribly visible.

Some may want to say that there is a good chance that their the practice paid off and they’re just so good, but there’s a bunch of armed guards watching them all the time while they’re checked, and like it or not, that card flips, or is in someone’s peripheral vision , or even is visible when palpated, would have been detected fairly quickly. In movies there’s usually something that’s been done to get the public’s attention, like the denial of any sound when Ethan Hunt plays a trick on the top secret list he and his little band have stolen from Langley. in Mission: Impossible. As one of the men above said, there would be a sound if a disc was slid down the inside of a jacket, and oddly enough, in the movie there isn’t. Add to that the fact that Ethan was bluffing and the other man had the actual roster, and it’s a pretty neat trick.

Magic in movies is definitely awe-inspiring most of the time, as Hollywood takes the most practical effects and does what can be done with them to make them even more awesome. Those tricks that are actually performed by the actors are even better because it means the actors have taken the time to learn the steps, and in some cases are actually students of magic and have a very deep respect for it. It’s what separates some of the best in the business from those who are just getting in on the action, because actually enjoying what you’re doing and practicing it off-screen makes a big difference in delivery and directing since Dave Franco and Tom Cruise put on a good comment in their respective movies and managed to raise public eyebrows at their antics. Staging is after all one of the hallmarks of a good magician, and something that anyone worth their salt knows.

So yes, Hollywood reinforces the magic act of many actors in a lot of movies, but it’s for good reason since the average act of magic isn’t meant to impress a large audience unless it’s performed on a stage and with a specific purpose. It’s not that bad that Hollywood movies seek to improve magic acts, but it’s worth noting which parts are legit and which parts are less than impressive because they needed a lot of help. Overall though, the magic makes for a great addition to many movies.

Brian L. Hartfield