Smile Star Reveals They Almost Starred On Syfy’s The Magicians Show

Smile star Sosie Bacon reveals she almost appeared on Syfy’s series magicians. The fantasy show, based on the novel of the same name, starred Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve and Olivia Taylor Dudley. magicians ran for 5 seasons from 2015 to 2020 and tells the story of young students who face the dangers of the real magical world while studying to become magicians in an underground school of magic.

Bacon, the daughter of legendary Hollywood couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, made her screen debut alongside her parents in Lover. She has since appeared on television 13 reasons why and Easttown Mare. She’s no stranger to darker films, having played Patricia Krenwinkle, one of Charles Manson’s followers in Mary Harron’s charlie says in 2018. His latest film, Smile, received positive reviews, with many calling Bacon’s performance his breakout role. However Smile praised Bacon and exposure, his journey to success had its ups and downs.


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Bacon shares in a recent interview on the podcast Inside You with Michael Rosenbaum that she was first cast in the pilot of magicians. Bacon explains how the series ended up being picked up, but sadly without it.

“I did a pilot – you wanna know that? I did a pilot for SyFy, the Wizards pilot, six months I waited to find out if he got picked up, fired. And the show went on. unfolded. Maybe they didn’t know [to tell me]I do not know.”

Who Sosie Bacon could have played in The Magicians

Bacon has yet to reveal which character she was initially supposed to represent in magicians, so fans of the fantasy series have to speculate. It’s likely that Bacon was to play either Julia Wicker, the protagonist Quentin’s childhood friend who is rejected from Brakebills University and goes off alone to seek magic in the outside world, or Alice, a student tormented by the mysterious death of his brother. Both Julia and Alice are main characters who appeared in the pilot episode. On the other hand, it is quite possible that the character embodied by Bacon was entirely cut from the project, which may explain the lack of communication on the part of the producers. In the end, Bacon in The Magicians’ world remains only a fantasy.

Although it is possible that his role in magicians might have given him additional exposure five years earlier, it might not have offered as much insight as the recent psychological horror. SmileBacon’s success will inevitably bring Bacon’s career to the next level and opens doors for him to explore the fantasy genre through bigger roles in the future, unless Smile turns her into Hollywood’s next scream queen.

Source: inside of you

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