Superstar Magicians Meet at the 12th International Magic Festival

A group of internationally acclaimed magicians will gather at the Circo Price Theater in Madrid later this month to enter the competition for the XII International Magic Festival.

From February 10 to March 13, Jorge Blass will once again bring together the world’s best magicians in Madrid for the 12th edition of the International Festival of Magic, a five-week celebration of the magic trade. This year’s edition features a wide range of talent, with competitions, shows and events held throughout the Teatro Circo Price, a space associated with CircoRED (the Federation of Professional Circus Associations in Spain).

The main event of the festival will be the International Magic Gala, which features well-known names in the world of magic, from Belgian Laurent Piron to Korean Yu Hojin, from Russian Víctor Moiseev to Swedish Hakan Berg, from Briton David Climent to the Spaniard Inmagic and Jorge Blass himself. Sharing a stage for the first time, these magicians will showcase their latest and most innovative illusions in a spectacular show.

During the five weeks of the festival, six performances of “Close-Up Magic” will take place at the parish hall. In this intimate place, 100 lucky people will witness feats of card magic, micro-magic and other specialties of Pedro Capel, Gisell and Adrián Carratalá, international masters of illusionism.

The original article was published in Spanish at The Red Española.

Brian L. Hartfield