Swimming: Magicians start 2022 strong after 4th straight state title

For four consecutive years, the Minot magicians have won the state swimming and diving title. They started the 2022 season by winning all the duels and invitations in which they participated.

“Our guys are really on top of the competition, our divers have put on a great show so far and our swimmers have put up some really great times and they’ve started this number one kind of meet of the season so it’s a pretty exciting season for all the athletes,” said head coach Jake Solper.

“It’s a brand new season, we’re just looking to train every day and improve so we can hopefully repeat,” said senior swimmer Peyton Bartsch.

With the success of the past four years, Solper said they go into each new season with the mindset to make this season their best yet.

“Some years we go into a season that has just won a title and some years we haven’t won a title before, so it really doesn’t affect our guys and their approach, which is really exceptional and that is kind of a coaches dream that your athletes would make the most of every moment they can in every season and don’t live for the past and live for the future and our guys are doing a great job with that,” said Solper.

Minot is not lacking in talent, creating an atmosphere in practice where teammates want to fight in the pool.

“Our team really loves to compete, we compete every day in training and it really sets them up for when we get to competitions not being afraid to get up and go against so many other elite swimmers and divers. of the state because here in our practices we have some of the best performers in the entire state,” Solper said.

For seniors like Cody Kranz, continuing a legacy, like Minot’s, keeps them coming back to the pool year after year.

“I actually started my second year as a diver, I just tried it and liked it, so I came and luckily I became a captain my last year and it’s been great ever since,” said Kranz said.

Brian L. Hartfield