The local magic and costume shop is hosting a father-daughter magic show

If you still need a Halloween costume, you can buy one while attending a show this weekend.

The family that owns SpotLite Magic and Costumes in Tulsa hosts magic shows inside the store. Spins are also treats at the Magic Attic Theater. Tucked away in the back of the costume shop is a 50-seat theater where the magic shows take place.

Owner and magician Michael Platten says he’s been doing magic tricks since he was eight years old. Now it’s a hobby and side gig. There is also a young magician, Sophia, Mike’s 10-year-old daughter. She has her own acts, and they do some together.

As October is SpotLite’s busiest month, the magicians performed several shows on Saturdays. You might see an illusionist saw someone in half, a drawing on a notepad turn into a bowling ball, or even read minds.

“It helped me develop who I am now. It’s a hobby, but it’s also a secondary profession as you can see. But as I said, Magic Attic Theater is one of my dreams since I was a kid. I was like, wouldn’t it be cool to have my own theater one of these days?” Mike said.

“It makes people happy and it makes me happy. And sometimes we make people laugh once in a while, and that’s so much fun,” Sophia said.

Shows take place on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Saturday shows are $5 each. Tickets are available online or at the door.

After October, evening shows will take place twice a month.

Find ticket information HERE

Brian L. Hartfield