The Magicians co-creator Sera Gamble will bring Weetzie Bat magic to Peacock

Discovering the Weetzie Bat books by Francesca Lia Block is like discovering that there is a magical layer over the world; all you had to do was turn your head just to see it. Discover that Sera Gamble, co-creator of magicians— is configured to transform weetzie bat serial ? It’s a whole new dusting of magic. According to Variety, Gamble is developing the adaptation for Peacock. She is the perfect person to do it.

Gamble has made a name for himself on Supernaturalbut both Magicians and his Netflix hit You are adaptations and Magicians is one of the greatest examples of how an adaptation can honor the source material and be its own thing. It starts near the page, but lets the characters evolve in new directions, always with an eye to where they come from. The way the show ends aligns with Lev Grossman’s books while being entirely unique – Gamble and his co-creator John McNamara were the minds behind it.

weetzie bat, published in 1989, was Block’s first novel. It begins with a line that sings to anyone who feels the same way: “The reason Weetzie Bat hated high school is because no one understood.” But what they don’t understand isn’t Weetzie; it’s that they don’t see the magic of the world she lives in, where old Hollywood is near the surface and Los Angeles is rich with the scent of jasmine and magical sunny places. “weetzie bat is not a novel about teenage angst, but a novel about teenage pleasure,” Frankie Thomas explained to The Paris review. weetzie bat showed that your own world could exist and you could do it. Your world was not meant to be everyone’s world.

Some elements of the books are now dated, but that’s part of the beauty of an adaptation: you don’t have to keep everything.

Gamble is set to write and executive produce the series, which also has game of thrones producer Vince Gerardis among its executive producers. It’s only in development, and it’s not guaranteed to make it to our screens – there have been feints towards weetzie bat adaptations before, and nothing came of it. But the thing to do like Weetzie is to hope.

Brian L. Hartfield